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This is a new page-level event. It fires after everything has been initialized. This includes all controls in the control trees (recursively), any Master Page code (even when you re using nested Master Pages), and all types in the inheritance chain of the Page object. Because all controls should be initialized at this point in the page-processing life cycle, any dynamic control generation should be done prior to this event firing, either during preinitialization or initialization. While this won t always be possible, it should be done whenever at all possible, to avoid bugs and improve to predictability of the Page s behavior.
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Declaring an IEnumerator Enumerator
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Routing SOAP Messages with Web Services Enhancements 1.0 Aaron Skonnard Whitepaper (January 2003) Located at MSDN Home
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Figure 10-1. The pivot chart shows sales per category. It may take some experimentation, moving the fields to different areas of the pivot chart, but try to create a chart that presents a limited amount of data, in a clean and simple chart layout. To see the different layouts available with the Store, Category, and Quantity fields, try the following:
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time += 0.01f; Vector3 startingPos = new Vector3(1, 5, 5); Vector3 moveDirection = new Vector3(0, 0, -1); Matrix newWMatrix = Matrix.CreateScale(0.01f, 0.01f, 0.01f)*Matrix.CreateTranslation(startingPos+time*moveDirection); int modelToChange = 0; ocTreeRoot.UpdateModelWorldMatrix(modelToChange, newWMatrix); This will make the model with ID 0 move in the (0,0,-1) Forward direction.
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Note The new PivotTable style is not automatically applied to the active pivot table.
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Ultimately, the BusinessListBase inherits from BindingList(Of T) in the System.ComponentModel namespace. This is the .NET base class that provides support for collections that support data binding in Windows Forms and WPF.
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The methods take the object reference to the delegate being added (or removed) as the argument and return the object reference to the aggregated delegate. The parameter and return type of both methods is System.Delegate rather than System.MulticastDelegate, but this isn t contradictory: System.MulticastDelegate is derived from System.Delegate and hence can be used in its stead. The principle of the delegate-based implementation of an event is more or less clear. Each event subscriber creates a delegate representing its event handler and then subscribes to the event by combining the handler delegate with the aggregate delegate, held by the event
for a reference type and false for a value type. That is why you also see a template specialization for the reference type version. A template specialization gives a special implementation of a template class for a particular argument, in this case the Boolean true argument. The __is_ref_class part evaluates to true if the given expression is a reference type. The _is_handle part is there to make sure that the reference type specialization is not used when the element type is a handle rather than an actual reference type. The final thing to note about the STL/CLR classes that implement the vector container is the interfaces that are implemented. As you can see, the vector_impl class implements the generic type IVector, and the vector_base class implements the generic ICollection, IEnumerable, and IList interfaces. Since vector inherits these interface implementations, this means that the STL/CLR vector may be used wherever one of those interfaces is expected, making it much easier to interoperate with .NET Framework APIs.
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