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Modification forms, as the name cleverly implies, are those forms that allow users to make changes to a workflow once it is in progress. We saw this in 3 when we discussed the ability to reassign tasks or request changes to a task. Figure 7-6 shows one of these screens again for reference. Workflow modifications are a powerful capability that is only touched on lightly in the sample workflows that ship with MOSS. The capability is really quite open-ended. It gives you the capability to make changes to a running workflow while it is in progress for any reason identified by your business process, or more likely a one-off exception to your business process. Perhaps it is a change in the process flow based on some new information. Perhaps it is a change based on a new threshold level for approvals.
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Introducing the Sys.UI.Data Controls
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States, which are shown in Figure 11-11:
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The length compression formula is fairly simple. If the length (which is an unsigned integer) is 0x7F or less, it is represented as 1 byte; if the length is greater than 0x7F but no larger than 0x3FFF, it is represented as a 2-byte unsigned integer with the most significant bit set. Otherwise, it is represented as a 4-byte unsigned integer with two most significant bits set. Table 5-1 summarizes this formula. Table 5-1. The Length Compression Formula for the Blob
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A delegate can be implicitly converted to the .NET BCL classes and interfaces shown in Figure 18-19. An array, ArrayS, with elements of type Ts, can be implicitly converted to The .NET BCL class and interfaces shown in Figure 18-19. Another array, ArrayT, with elements of type Tt, if all of the following are true: Both arrays have the same number of dimensions. The element types, Ts and Tt, are reference types not value types. There is an implicit conversion between types Ts and Tt.
Name the project ShoppingSketchflow, as I have done in Figure 16-1.
Factory Methods and Criteria
Realizing a Memento Pattern Implementation
A nullable type is always based on another type, called the underlying type, that has already been declared. You can create a nullable type from any value type, including the predefined, simple types. You cannot create a nullable type from a reference type or from another nullable type. You do not explicitly declare a nullable type in your code. Instead, you declare a variable of a nullable type. The compiler implicitly creates the nullable type for you.
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