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AJAXBook.IStickShift = function() { this.get_GearCount = Function.abstractMethod; this.set_GearCount = Function.abstractMethod; this.get_CurrentGear = Function.abstractMethod; this.set_CurrentGear = Function.abstractMethod; } AJAXBook.IStickShift.registerInterface('AJAXBook.IStickShift');
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int updatedRows = myAdapter.Update(myDataSet, "Employees");
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Conditionally calling MarkAsChild() typically can t be done in the default constructor, because there s no way to determine whether the object is being created as a root or a child object at that point. Instead, you need to go back to your object s life cycle to see where you can make this decision. In fact, since the default is for an object to be a root object, all you need to do is determine the paths by which a child object can be created, and make sure to call MarkAsChild() only in those cases. The template for creating a switchable object is the same as the editable root template, with the following exceptions: Dual criteria objects Dual create and fetch factory methods Dual create and fetch data access methods Let s discuss each change in turn.
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MarkNew Method
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Two SPI busses Two I C busses One 32-KB I C EEPROM Two PWM channels Keyboard support for up to 64 keys in an 8 8 matrix An SD/MMC card interface A USB on-the-go (OTG) interface One high-speed capture port PHYTEC offers the development board for the PHYTEC phyCORE-LPC3180 shown in Figure 2-13.
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It s not possible for an instance method to be called on a class when the class is on the right side of the expression. In C++/CLI, the operators that in classic C++ you would define as global friend functions you define as static operators in the class. This is considered a superior design in that you do not need to make any special exceptions to the encapsulation of the private data for a class in order to support commutative operators that work with primitive types. In Listing 7-22, the addition operators between Complex and double are declared as static operators in the class. These operators would have been global friend functions in a native C++ class. In addition, the operator for adding two complex numbers could also be defined as static, as in Listing 7-22, rather than as a member operator as it would be in classic C++. Listing 7-22. Defining a Static Operator // complex.h using namespace System; value class Complex { double re; double im; public: Complex(double real, double imag) : re(real), im(imag) { } // unary minus Complex operator-() { return Complex(-re, im); }
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CHAPTER 16: Your Calendar
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Windows Vista ships with sample WMV videos. These can usually be found in C:\Users\Public\Videos\Sample Videos. If you cannot find them there, search for *.wmv to find them. Windows 7 ships with one video called Wildlife.wmv located at C:\Users\Public\Videos\Sample Videos.
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Anything that can be done in the WF designer can also be done programmatically. Let s say our client is running a new promotion that every theater booking has a 1 in 100 chance of being free. We will create a new code activity to simulate this.
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Getting the results of a query as an IEnumerable<T> isn t always convenient. The System.Linq.Enumerable class contains some convenience extension methods that can be applied to IEnumerable<T> to convert the results of a query into a different form.
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5:35 min
For the enumerable class Do not derive the class from IEnumerable. Implement GetEnumerator as before, but have its return type be the type of the enumerator class.
Ultimately, the IsReadAllowed() and IsReadDenied() methods use the same IsInRole() provider scheme I discussed earlier in the chapter. This means that by default the current principal object s IsInRole() method is called but an advanced business developer could replace that behavior. The CanWriteProperty() and CanExecuteMethod() methods follow the same approach and the same default behavior as described in Table 12-6. Together, these methods allow per-property and per-method authorization on all business objects.
6-9. Add HLSL Specular Highlights
The Common Language Runtime (CLR)
Applying Shading to Your Scene
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