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Since assemblies built with /clr:pure do not have native code, dependent DLLs are loaded differently. This difference is another aspect that must be considered when choosing a compilation model. To get some more information about this difference, consider the following simple application: // DependentDLLs.cpp // compile with "CL /clr DependentDLLs.cpp" // or with "CL /clr:pure DependentDLLs.cpp" // by including windows.h, the function Beep is declared #include <windows.h> // this line adds kernel32.lib (the import lib for kernel32.dll) // the list of linker inputs #pragma comment(lib, "kernel32.lib") int main() { Beep(440, 100); } If you compile this file to native code or choose the compilation model /clr, DLLs like kernel32.dll end up as load-time dependencies of the application. You can easily inspect this using the command-line option /imports from the tool dumpbin.exe. For the application compiled with /clr, the dumpbin output is as follows:
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PTracker Database
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We will discuss the specific feature breakdowns of the two SharePoint products in 3 when we discuss the out-of-the-box functionality of Workflow in Office. For now, a high-level overview of the differences between the two products follows. WSS is a platform component central to all of Microsoft s collaborative applications. The functionality provided by WSS includes Document management Core collaboration Core Workflow capabilities User management Security As stated previously, MOSS is built on WSS. In the future, more and more Microsoft products will build on this base and extend it for their own needs. Microsoft has already announced that future versions of many of their products will utilize WSS as their core collaboration platform. MOSS is simply the first product to build on that base. The additional functionality provided by MOSS includes Enterprise content management drawing on its Content Management Server heritage Business Intelligence capabilities Expanded search and management functionality Integration with line-of-business applications Internet publishing Workflow Features in WSS and MOSS SharePoint (remember, that means both WSS and MOSS) contain a host of new features that impact our workflows and allow us to build robust, Workflow-enabled applications. Many of them are incidental to Workflow itself, since they are more focused on SharePoint as an application platform and as a robust product. We ll touch on the two most significant of these features here and cover them all in later chapters as we walk through our scenarios and examples.
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Sometimes, this is true relational data modeling from a database; other times, it s the application of business logic from an external application. What this means is that a typical Data Storage and Management layer will include business logic that is also implemented in the Business layer. This time the replication is unavoidable because relational databases are designed to enforce data integrity, and that s just another form of business logic. In summary, whether you re using stored procedures in SQL Server or service calls to another application, you typically handle data storage and management by creating a set of services or procedures that you can call as needed. Like the Data Access layer, it s important to recognize that the designs for data storage and management are typically very procedural. Table 1-1 summarizes the five layers and their roles.
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Command object
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Initially, the wireframes for the Brightkite native iPhone application mirrored the look and feel of the web application but with the addition of the Camera and Core Location integration previously discussed. The web application mimicked aspects of the iPhone user interface design but ultimately flowed much like web applications in which users drill down into content and navigate to and from pages with back and forward arrows and hyperlinks. Shortly before Double Encore was brought onboard to develop the native application, Martin and Brady began to have second thoughts about the native application user interface strategy. They wanted to design a user interface that would include most of the features available on the Brightkite service, with room to add more in the future. However, it was vital that the application be simple for first-time users to learn. We also needed to respect the diverse Brightkite community, whose members use the service in a variety of ways. For example, some use Brightkite as their main social networking tool, while others use it to post to their Twitter or Facebook accounts. Options and customization had to be critical design considerations. Our analysis indicated that a tab bar interface would allow scaling as features were added to the iPhone application, handle the first time use case, streamline the check-in and posting process, and provide a way for users to customize the application (the alternative was to use the drill-down navigation approach that Brightkite had already
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class UdpReceiver { public void Start() { Task.Factory.StartNew(() => ReceiveAndPrintMessages()); } private void ReceiveAndPrintMessages() { // create the UdpClient object UdpClient myUdpClient = new UdpClient(15000); // create the end point IPEndPoint endPoint = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Any, 0); while (true) { Console.WriteLine("Receiver: Waiting for a message"); // wait to receive data byte[] data = myUdpClient.Receive(ref endPoint); // convert the byte data to a string string message = Encoding.Default.GetString(data); // print out the details of the received message Console.WriteLine("Receiver: Message from {0} on port {1}", endPoint.Address, endPoint.Port); Console.WriteLine("Receiver: Message is: {0}", message); } } } The Start method in Listing 21-16 uses the Task Parallel Library (TPL) to perform work in the background. I won t go into details about the TPL or the Task class here, so see 25 for full details. For the purposes of this chapter, the ReceiveAndPrintMessages method contains all the action. The ReceiveAndPrintMessages method creates a new UdpClient object; the constructor parameter indicates which port the UdpClient should use to listen for messages in this case, port 15000:
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In this example so far, we queried the Books entity and bound the result to the DataGrid control. Doing it this way does not load the related BookDetail entity. This is because, by default, WCF Data Services limits the amount of data a query can return. However, you can explicitly enable loading of additional data including related entities, paged response data (if paging limits are set on data service), and binary streams, too. The WCF Data Services client library in Silverlight 4 has been updated to load objects associated with an object already in the DataServiceContext. For example, we can extend our current example where selecting a book in BookDataGrid will display related details about that book in another BookDetailsDataGrid. You can load related entities in two ways, eager loading and on-demand (lazy) loading.
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Returns the current number of Error severity broken rules Returns the current number of Warning severity broken rules Returns the current number of Information severity broken rules Scans the list and returns the first broken rule of any severity (if any) for a specified property Scans the list and returns the first broken rule of the specified severity (if any) for a specified property Scans the list and returns the first broken rule of Error severity (if any) for a specified property; this method is used in BusinessBase to implement the IDataErrorInfo interface Returns an array of broken rule descriptions for the business object Returns an array of broken rule descriptions for a specific severity of broken rules in the business object
Features Incompatible with C++/CLI
a + b; } c + d + e; } (long)(f + g); } h + m; }
Gets/sets the style used for previewing changes. Gets/sets whether the preview is shown before changes from the grid splitter are applied.
Figure 9-9. GetPivotData formula for custom subtotal You d like to fix the GetPivotData formula so it returns the correct result. This problem is based on the Subtotals.xlsx workbook.
CHAPTER 5: Starting with a Game Design Document: A Methodology for Success
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