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to use copies; otherwise, all ModelMeshParts would share the same effect. By giving each ModelMeshPart its own copy of the effect, each ModelMeshPart can, for example, use a different texture.
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Contains DoesNotMatch EndsWith Matches StartsWith
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Note Unlike C and C++, numeric values do not have a Boolean interpretation in C#.
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Analogous to the #import extension, C++/CLI comes with the #using directive to reference .NET assemblies. The following code references the assembly System.dll via a #using directive: // referencingAssemblies1.cpp // compile with "cl /clr:safe referencingAssemblies1.cpp" #using <System.dll> using namespace System; int main() { // System::Uri is defined in the assembly System.dll Uri^ uri = gcnew Uri(""); Console::WriteLine(uri->Host); // output: "" } This sample uses the type System::Uri, which is defined in the assembly System.dll. Without the #using directive, the compiler would complain that an undefined type System::Uri is used. To use the type System::Console, no #using directive is necessary. System::Console is defined in a very special assembly called mscorlib.dll. It defines many core types like System::Object, and even the types for the managed primitives. Therefore, mscorlib is automatically referenced by the C++/CLI compiler. There is no mandatory relationship between an assembly name and the name of the namespace in which the assembly s types are defined. As an example, System.dll and mscorlib.dll define types in the namespace System. If you re using make files or the new MSBUILD tool, or if you re building simple test solutions from a command shell, you can also set assembly references via the /FU commandline switch, as follows: // referencingAssemblies2.cpp // compile with "cl /clr:safe /FUSystem.dll referencingAssemblies2.cpp" // no need for #using <System.dll> using namespace System; int main() { Uri^ uri = gcnew System::Uri(""); Console::WriteLine(uri->Host); // output: "" }
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} finally { // finally statements go here... } Any exceptions caused by the code statements enclosed by the try statement will go unhandled, and the runtime will have to search further up the call stack, as discussed earlier in the chapter. This is a very uncommon use of the try statement, which usually includes at least one catch clause.
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Step 3: Identify Objects Causing the Contention
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This construct is used when you need to convert a const pointer, handle, or reference to a nonconst pointer, handle, or reference. Its use is considered more dangerous than static_cast, since it introduces the possibility of writing to read-only memory.
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string TextAlignment
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