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Imagine that client X is an international bank. This client has offices around the world, with four major hubs of activity: London, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney. At 10 p.m., Oracle s automatic stats-collection job starts up and runs for a couple of hours. There are two problems with this strategy. The job runs once per day, but there are four daily cycles going on around the world, so there should be some sort of cycle to statistics management that runs four times every 24 hours. And, as a side effect of this once-per-day strategy, it s more or less inevitable that one of the business hubs will be starting its busiest trading cycle just as the stats-collection job decides to hammer the database to death and confuse the optimizer. Ideally, of course, you would want to design the system so that every significant table was partitioned by list, and collect statistics only on one set of partitions at any time, but this system was designed before table partitioning existed in Oracle.
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Figure 6-12. Constructor declaration For example, the following class uses its constructor to initialize its fields. In this case, it has a field called TimeOfInstantiation that is initialized with the current date and time. class MyClass { DateTime TimeOfInstantiation; ... public MyClass() { TimeOfInstantiation = DateTime.Now; } ... }
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Figure 6-14. Using indexed fields
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Just as there are implicit numeric conversions that the language will perform for you automatically, there are also implicit reference conversions. These are illustrated in Figure 18-18. All reference types can implicitly be converted to type object. Any interface can be implicitly converted to an interface from which it is derived. A class can be implicitly converted to Any class in the chain from which it is derived Any interface that it implements
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Account Password Strength
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The CslaDataSource Control
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Authorization is just another type of business logic. The decisions about what a user can and can t do or can and can t see within the application are business decisions. Although the framework will work with the .NET Framework classes that support authentication, it s up to the business objects to implement the rules themselves.
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