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Although the BackgroundWorker class was designed for GUI programming, I ll start by showing its use with a console program since that s what we ve used throughout the book. In the next section, I ll show an example with a GUI program. This program creates a background thread that sums a sequence of numbers. Several times during the process it checks to see whether it has been canceled. If it finds it s been canceled, it cleans up and exits. Otherwise, if it goes to completion, it stores the total in the Result field and exits. Meanwhile, the main thread sums its own sequence of numbers and reports its total, along with the result from the background thread. using System; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Threading; // Must have this namespace // Must have this namespace
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Specifies the name of the JavaScript function that the XMLHttpRequest object should call whenever the state of the XMLHttpRequest object changes The current state of the request (0=uninitialized, 1=loading, 2=loaded, 3=interactive, and 4=complete) The response from the server as a string The response from the server as XML The HTTP status code returned by the server (for example, 404 for Not Found or 200 for OK) The text version of the HTTP status code (for example, Not Found )
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et s say that you re writing an application. Everything is going well. You ve created and verified the use cases, and you ve designed, verified, and implemented the initial architecture. Then it becomes necessary to write code that does something, and that s when the problems creep in. This slow creep of problems, due to the inevitable trade-offs and the very act of writing code, is a natural part of the design process; it can t be avoided, because a decision that looked good at the time could prove very bad in hindsight. Sometimes you have to make a mistake in the first place to recognize that it was a mistake. This chapter is about writing the guts of your application using patterns that make it simpler to implement the various algorithms to get the application to do something. Specifically, this chapter focuses on how to ensure consistency in your application logic. Your application will exhibit problem creep, but using the patterns and ideas in this chapter, you can isolate problem creep enough to refactor and sanitize your application. The patterns defined in this chapter illustrate how to mimic other interfaces without the client knowing the difference. Using these patterns, it s possible to create a modularization that kicks off other algorithms. These other algorithms aren t part of the mimicked implementations, rather they control the mimicked implementations. Functors, which I introduce in this chapter, are often used to kicked off other algorithms. You ll see that functors are an essential part of the development process when writing consistent applications. Traditionally, functors manage collections, but they can be used in other contexts. Here you ll get a chance to explore the different kinds of functors, some of which perform verification operations, and others that perform transformation operations.
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These are the global items of the OddOrEven application: { ... } // End of namespace .field public static valuetype CharArray8 Format at FormatData .field public static valuetype CharArray8 Format at FormatData declares a static field named Format of type valuetype CharArray8. As you might remember, you used a reference to this field in the method Odd.or.Even::check. This field differs from, for example, the field Odd.or.Even::val because it is declared outside any class scope and hence does not belong to any class. It is thus a global item. Global items belong to the module containing their declarations. As you ve learned, a module is a
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LINQ queries can return two types of results: an enumeration, which lists the items that satisfy the query parameters; or a single value, called a scalar, which is some form of summary of the results that satisfied the query. In the following example code, the following happens: The first statement creates an array of ints and initializes it with three values. The second statement returns an IEnumerable object, which can be used to enumerate the results of the query. The third statement executes a query and then calls a method (Count) that returns the count of the items returned from the query. We ll cover operators that return scalars, such as Count, later in the chapter.
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