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Managed Arrays
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SqlContext.Pipe.ExecuteAndSend(cmd); } } }; In this example, you create the SqlConnection and SqlCommand much like you normally would. However, note the connection string passed to the SqlConnection constructor. Since this code is running within the SQL Server process, you simply use the "context connection=true" setting to connect to that SQL Server instance. Once the connection and command are established, the code uses the SqlPipe.ExecuteAndSend() to execute the command and return the results to the caller.
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The property can be accessed by any code in the current assembly but not other assemblies. The property can be accessed by any code in the current assembly or any class in any assembly that derives from the containing class. The property can be accessed only by the containing class.
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Implementing Logging Management
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MOSS also includes a WSSTask class within the Microsoft.Office.Workflow namespace that exposes a number of extensions to the default WSS workflow tasks. Table 10-18 provides information on the properties available in this class.
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Accessibility of Constructors
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Your iPod touch excels at many things. It is a multimedia workhorse, and it can keep track of your busy life. Your iPod touch particularly excels in two areas: as a gaming device and for displaying iPod touch iOS4-specific apps that take advantage of the beautiful, high-resolution touch screen. You can even find versions of popular games for the device that you might expect to find only on dedicated gaming consoles. The iPod touch brings many advantages to portable gaming: the high definition (HD) screen delivers realistic visuals; the high quality audio provides great sound effects; and the gyroscope and the accelerometer allow you to interact with your games in a way that many PCs and dedicated gaming consoles (outside of the Wii) don t. For example, in racing games, the last feature lets you steer your car by turning the iPod touch as you hold it. The iPod touch is also great for lots of other fun stuff such as following your local baseball team. You can even using the iPod touch as a musical instrument with great apps like Ocarina (which we will show you later in the chapter.) NOTE: We have written many books on the BlackBerry smartphones, and we have many BlackBerry devices lying around the house. The BlackBerry smartphones don t disappear into our children s rooms; rather, the iPod touch is the device that our children (and our spouses) have decided is fun enough to grab. We routinely discover that the iPod touch has disappeared from its charger and have to yell out, Where is my iPod touch I need to finish this book!
What Is an Attribute
Overview of .NET Application Architecture
CHAPTER 1: App Cubby
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