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Asynchronous Methods and Parallel Loops
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Creating a WCF Service Consumable by Silverlight
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The CTS does not support private or protected inheritance. Since public inheritance is the only option for managed types, the keyword public in the inheritance list is optional. An inheritance modifier can be used to specify inheritance options for a class. A managed class can be defined as abstract even if it does not have a pure virtual function. This can be achieved with the inheritance modifier abstract. public ref class Shape abstract : public IVisibleObject { /* ... */ }; The keyword abstract is mandatory if the class has pure virtual functions. A class can also be marked as sealed. In this case, it cannot be used as a base class. This means that further inheritance is forbidden.
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Access Modifier
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Figure 2-2. A blog post on my web site and the corresponding Google Reader news item
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Configuring Startup for Debugging
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2. Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, pp. 87, 107.
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