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SetEnvironmentVariable(string, string)
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This is a simpler way of doing things, because it keeps all of the logic for the entity within the boundaries of a single object, and all the code within the boundaries of a single class. Any time there s a need to alter, enhance, or maintain the logic for an entity, you know exactly where to find it. There s no ambiguity regarding whether the logic is in the business object, the persistence object, or possibly both there s only one object. The new approach also has the benefit of providing optimal performance. Because the data access code is inside the object, that code can interact directly with the object s private instance fields. There s no need to break encapsulation, or to resort to trickery such as reflection (or deal with the resulting performance issues). The drawback to this approach is that the data access code ends up inside the business class; potentially blurring the line between the Business Logic layer and the Data Access layer in the n-layer logical model. The framework will help to mitigate this by formally defining four methods into which the data access code will be written, providing a clear and logical location for all data access code within each object. On balance, then, I prefer this second view, because it allows total encapsulation of all data and logic pertaining to a business entity with very high performance. Better still, this is accomplished using techniques and technologies that are completely supported within the .NET Framework, without the need to resort to any complex or hard-to-code workarounds (such as using reflection to load the data). That said, the framework directly supports the idea of having a separate persistence object that implements the Data Access layer. If you choose to take such an approach, it is up to you to determine how to transfer the data from the persistence object into the business object. You may choose to use reflection to load field values directly, you may pass XML documents or data transfer objects (DTOs) between the two objects, or you may simply open an ADO.NET DataReader and hand it back to the business object.
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As part of the process of updating a project or resource, it is possible that a specific record will be deleted from the Assignments table. An assignment is a child entity beneath a project or resource, and a user can remove a resource from a project or can remove a project from a resource. In either case, that specific assignment record must be removed from the database. CREATE PROCEDURE deleteAssignment ( @projectId uniqueidentifier, @resourceId int ) AS DELETE Ass ignments WHERE ProjectId=@projectId AND ResourceId=@resourceId RETURN
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Figure 5-18. Selection using a small circle with arrows
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Figure 2-3. Multiple objects competing for the same pixel However, if object B gets drawn first, the corresponding pixel in the frame buffer will be assigned the color of object B first. At the next moment, object A is drawn, and now the graphics card decides whether the pixel needs to be overwritten by the color of object A. To solve this problem, inside the graphics card a second image is stored, with the same size as the window. At the moment a color is assigned to a pixel of the frame buffer, the distance between the camera and the object is stored in this second image. This distance is a value between 0 and 1, with 0 corresponding to the distance between the camera and the near clipping plane and 1 corresponding to the distance between the camera and the far clipping plane. Because of this, this second image is called the depth buffer or z-buffer. So, how does this solve the problem At the moment object B is drawn, the z-buffer is checked. Because object B is the first object being drawn, the z-buffer will be empty. As a result, all corresponding pixels of your frame buffer get the color of object B. Also, the same pixels in the z-buffer get a value according to the distance between the camera and object B.
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The Identity of an Assembly
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Most of the Line-of-Business applications are data-driven applications and there is a need to integrate, process, and represent data in different ways. Although WPF from its first version provided rich data integration, the earlier versions of Silverlight were lacking in this department. The Silverlight platform initially focused on rich media integration. Starting with Silverlight 2, data controls were introduced as part of either default standard user controls or the Silverlight Toolkit. With the continuously improved data integration capabilities in Silverlight 3 and 4, using Silverlight 4 now you can truly develop datadriven and high performing LoB RIAs. In this section we will cover data integration and data manipulation controls at a high level, which will be covered more in detail in 6.
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Quick Checkup
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Signatures of the Standard Query Operators
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