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The QMNC process is to the AQ tables what the CJQ0 process is to the job table. It monitors the advanced queues and alerts waiting message dequeuers that a message has become available. QMNC and Qnnn are also responsible for queue propagation that is, the ability of a message that was enqueued (added) in one database to be moved to a queue in another database for dequeueing. The Qnnn process are to the QMNC process what the Jnnn processes are to the CJQ0 process. They are notified by the QMNC process of work that needs to be performed, and they process the work. The QMNC and Qnnn processes are optional background processes. The parameter AQ_TM_PROCESSES specifies creation of up to ten of these processes named Q000 . . . Q009, and a single QMNC process. Unlike the Jnnn processes used by the job queues, the Qnnn processes are persistent. If you set AQ_TM_PROCESSES to 10, you will see ten Qnnn processes and the QMNC process at database startup and for the entire life of the instance.
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The orderby clause takes an expression and returns the result items in order according to the expression. The syntax of the orderby clause is shown in Figure 21-9. The optional keywords ascending and descending set the direction of the order. Expression is generally a field of the items. The default ordering of an orderby clause is ascending. You can, however, explicitly set the ordering of the elements to either ascending or descending, using the ascending and descending keywords. There can be any number of orderby clauses, and they must be separated by commas.
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The TPL stores any exceptions that a Task encounters that are not handled in the Task body. These exceptions are then re-thrown when you access a trigger-member; this includes the Result property, the Wait method, and the static Task.WaitAll method. Listing 24-15 provides a demonstration. Listing 24-15. Handling an Exception Thrown by a Trigger Method using System; using System.Threading.Tasks; class Listing 15 { static void Main(string[] args) { Task<long> myTask = Task.Factory.StartNew<long>(() => { long total = 0; for (int i = 0; i < int.MaxValue; i++) { total = CalculateSum(i, total); } return total; }); try { // Get the result from the Task long taskResult = myTask.Result; // write out the result Console.WriteLine("Result: {0}", taskResult); } catch (AggregateException aggEx) { Console.WriteLine("---- Exception Caught From Trigger Member ---"); Console.WriteLine("---- Exception type: {0}", aggEx.GetType()); } // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } public static long CalculateSum(int x, long y) { if (x == 1000) { throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException(); } else { return x + y; } } } In this example, the ArgumentOutOfRange exception isn t handled in the Task body. The TPL stores the exception until one of the trigger members is called; in this case, it is the Result property. Instead of
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ILAsm Notation
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Unfortunately, this is complicated slightly by the fact that the source object could be one of several object types. The GetIList() method sorts that out and ensures that it is an IList that is passed to the CopyData() method. GetIList() looks like this: Private Function GetIList(ByVal source As Object) As IList If TypeOf source Is IListSource Then Return CType(source, IListSource).GetList ElseIf TypeOf source Is IList Then Return CType(source, IList) Else ' they gave us a regular object - create a list Dim col As New ArrayList col.Add(source) Return CType(col, IList) End If End Function If the source object implements the IListSource interface, then its GetList() method is used to retrieve the underlying IList. This is typically the case with a DataTable, for instance. If the source object directly implements IList, then it is simply cast and returned. Otherwise, the source object is assumed to be a simple type (such as String), a Structure, or an object. In order to return an IList in this case, an ArrayList is created, the source object is added to the ArrayList, and it is returned as the result. Since ArrayList implements IList, the end result is that an IList is returned.
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Figure 10-4. Illustration of Duration combined with BeginTime
Figure 9-15 shows the Data Sources window with the Projects node expanded and being changed to create a details form.
claim.Resource.ToString(), "http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsfed/authorization/200706/claims/action", claimValue)) { if (AccessControlHelper.IsIssuedByIbn(claimSet)) { return; } } } } throw new FaultException("Access denied."); } static bool IsIssuedByIbn(ClaimSet claimSet) { foreach (Claim claim in claimSet.Issuer) { if (AccessControlHelper.CheckClaim( claim.ClaimType, claim.Resource.ToString(), "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2005/05/identity/claims/dns", "accesscontrol.windows.net")) { return true; } } return false; } static bool CheckClaim(string claimType, string claimValue, string expectedClaimType, string expectedClaimValue) { if ( StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase.Equals(claimType, expectedClaimType) && StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase.Equals(claimValue, expectedClaimValue) ) { return true; } return false; } } } Now let's modify the WCF service operation implementation. For all implementations of the operation in the WCF service contract we need to insert the code to demand the claim for the security token by using the previous helper class as Listing 5-18 shows.
Note Often developers think that writing Generic code is similar to writing classical object-oriented code.
Figure 4-3. Flow of a client call through the message router
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