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2. When the New Silverlight Application dialog box appears, uncheck "Host the Silverlight
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Resource Dictionaries, Referencing Static Resources, and Implicit Styling
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This technique is similar to the DependencyProperty concept that WPF and WF use.
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Returns an array of strings indicating the data bindings for this control. Gets the data context for the binding associated with the control. Returns the ID for the control. Allows the access key for quick access to this control to be set or read. Returns an object reference to the associated element. Returns an array of strings indicating the behaviors associated with this control. Gets or sets the cssClass for this control. You can also use the various CSS methods of the control to manipulate its CSS class. Gets or sets whether the control is enabled. When true, the control is enabled; when false, the control is grayed out. Returns an object containing the element s style settings. Gets or sets the value of the control in the tab index. Gets or sets the visibility of the control. If true, the control is visible; if false, it is invisible. Returns a string containing the CSS definition for the object s visibility. Gets or sets the text within the Label control.
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The .NET Framework provides two types of container classes: the nongeneric container classes that hold references to Object and the generic collection classes. The so-called weakly typed collections were made available in the 1.0 version of the .NET Framework, and are still available in later versions. The generic collections became available in .NET Framework 2.0 with Visual Studio 2005. The generic collections are strongly typed, meaning that the objects in the collection are restricted to a specific type, and compilers will detect any attempt to insert the incorrect type into the container. In a weakly typed collection class, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that objects inserted into the collection are of the appropriate type. Usually, objects are cast dynamically back to the appropriate type when they are retrieved from the collection. If objects of the wrong type are inserted, they will produce a runtime InvalidCastException when retrieved.
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The vertex shader will also calculate the EyeDirection and have it interpolated toward all pixels. The pixel shader still has to output only the color of each pixel.
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As everyone with a cursory understanding of computer science is aware, there are four main resources that a computer operating system manages on behalf of the applications running on it. These are: CPU Memory Storage Network
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WorkTime is the working time snapshot. It s how much actual time you ve finished of real work. You detect when the actual time becomes a frame or more than WorkTime, and catch up. That is frame skipping.
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text. From a security perspective, this does make it rather easy for someone with access to the information to take the information elsewhere. You need to control access to the set of people who have the ability to create DIRECTORY objects and write to them, and who have the necessary access to the physical server to get the unloaded data.
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Using the BTSTask Command-Line Utility
Figure 3-14. Accessing project dependencies
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