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Most business applications require a set of common behaviors not covered by the concepts discussed thus far. These behaviors are a grab bag of capabilities that can be used to simplify common tasks that would otherwise be complex. These include the items listed in Table 2-7.
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One of the incredible things about Open Source is that it works considering the context. Thousands of developers around the world who probably rarely talk to each other in person are solving problems in conjunction with other developers without a single game plan. Yet Open Source applications still work. Still, in some corporations, there ll be a group of developers who see each other every day who can t agree what to name a variable. It begs the question of how Open Source developers do something that others can t. The answer is rigorous coding practices that don t always involve writing easy-to-understand comments. Not all Open Source projects are successful or exhibit good programming practices. And not all corporations have developers who can t understand each other. My point is that it s expected that corporations develop good software and that Open Source not develop good software.
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Manufacturers might want to prevent others from installing unauthorized code on their devices after they are available on the market, so MFDeploy provides a means to sign code to verify its creator. You can store up to two public keys on a device: one for the firmware and one for your application. Once the keys are assigned, you can update the firmware or application image only on a device that was digitally signed with the right private key. If there is no firmware key on the device, you can install any firmware. If there is no application key, you can install any application. You can create a key pair with Target Manage Device Keys Create Key Pair and sign an image file with Target Application Deployment Sign Deployment File. You can also update or remove your device keys with Target Manage Device Keys Update Device Keys. Doing so requires you to have the private key, as you must with signing.
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AS UPDATE Projects SET Name=@name, Started=@started, Ended=@ended, Description=@description WHERE Id=@id AND LastChanged=@lastChanged IF @@ROWCOUNT = 0 RAISERROR('Row has been edited by another user', 16, 1) SELECT @newLastChanged = LastChanged FROM Projects WHERE Id=@id RETURN Again, this procedure only updates the record in the Projects table; the related records in the Assignments table are updated separately. Notice the @lastChanged parameter required by the procedure. This represents the last known timestamp value for the row. In 8, you ll see how this value is maintained by the business object. When the object attempts to update the row, it provides the last known value for the LastChanged column. If that value hasn t changed in the database, then no other user has updated the row since the object read its data. But if the value has changed in the database, then some other user did change the data in the row since the object read the data. First-write-wins optimistic concurrency specifies that this second update can t be allowed, because it could overwrite changes made by that other user. The UPDATE statement itself uses this parameter in the WHERE clause to ensure that the row is only updated if the value matches. The procedure then checks to see if the row was actually updated. If no rows were updated, it raises an error, which shows up as a database exception in the data access code of the business object. On the other hand, if the update goes through and the row is changed, then a SELECT statement is executed to return the new value of the LastChanged column as an output parameter, so that the object can maintain the new value to allow possible future updates.
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C H A P T E R 14
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If you don t like this behavior, your business class can override the framework s Save() and BeginSave() methods and replace that logic with other logic.
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We have, however, closed all of our sessions. If we open another session using some other user account and query (replacing OPS$TKYTE with your account name, of course): $ sqlplus / as sysdba SQL*Plus: Release Production on Wed May 12 14:08:16 2010 Connected to: Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - Production With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options sys%ORA11GR2> select * from v$session where username = "OPS$TKYTE"; no rows selected
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Therefore, the following generalizations can be made regarding DML activity on temporary tables: An INSERT will generate little to no undo/redo activity. A DELETE will generate the same amount of redo as with a permanent table. An UPDATE will generate about half the redo as with a permanent table.
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Understanding User Interfaces
Figure 4-7. Warning message shown on selection of system tray pop-up menu item The last argument to displayMessage() is an enumerated type of TrayIcon.MessageType elements one of the following: ERROR, INFO, NONE, and WARNING. Figures 4-8 through 4-10 show examples of ERROR, INFO, and NONE messages, respectively.
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