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Creating the Client
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The following are examples of conditional compilation conditions. Expression #if !DemoVersion ... #endif
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In this chapter, you ve learned about the STL/CLR library. You first learned about why the classic STL library wouldn t work for managed types. Then you reviewed the STL/CLR vector class and looked at its functionality, paying particular attention to the differences between STL and
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quaternion multiplication means before. So, the line cameraRotation = cameraRotation * additionalRotation comes down to cameraRotation before additionalRotation, meaning that the axis stored in the additionalRotation variable will first be rotated around the axis stored in the cameraRotation variable.
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How It Works
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Listing 12-31. Query to see the top 20 SQL statements that use literal values select * from ( select plan_hash_value, count(distinct(hash_value)), sum(executions), sum(parse_calls) from v$sql group by plan_hash_value having count(distinct(hash_value)) > 10 order by 2 desc ) where rownum<21; PLAN_HASH_VALUE COUNT(DISTINCT(HASH_VALUE)) SUM(EXECUTIONS) SUM(PARSE_CALLS) --------------- --------------------------- --------------- ---------------511709263 4939 4939 4939 1438036477 4907 4907 4907 3532438726 4814 4814 4814 1130272986 4798 4798 4798 2751086974 4677 4677 4677 0 48 3287 4341 / The dynamic performance view v$sql can be queried to identify the SQL text associated with a given plan_hash_value. The query in Listing 12-32 accesses v$sql to find the SQL text associated with the plan_hash_value 511709263. Listing 12-32. Mapping plan_hash_value to a SQL statement select sql_text from v$sql where plan_hash_value=703834417 and rownum<10; SQL_TEXT ---------------------------------------------------------------------select aa.spid from fnd.f_audit aa where aa.ask_kill_time >= to_date("10/09/2009_20:45:00","MM/DD/YYYY_HH24:MI:SS") select aa.spid from fnd.f_audit aa where aa.ask_kill_time >= to_date("10/09/2009_20:50:00","MM/DD/YYYY_HH24:MI:SS") select aa.spid from fnd.f_audit aa where aa.ask_kill_time >= to_date("10/09/2009_20:55:01","MM/DD/YYYY_HH24:MI:SS") In a few cases, successive executions of a SQL statement may not be shared, creating many child cursors. If there are numerous child cursors for a SQL statement, then shared pool latch contention is inevitable. The query in Listing 12-33 identifies SQL statements with higher version counts. You need to review those SQL statements and understand why there are so many child cursors, and why they can t be shared. The view v$sql_shared_cursor lists the reasons why child cursors are not shared.
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A C# Program Is a Set of Type Declarations
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Note In case you re wondering, each workflow can hold a lot of steps I don t know exactly how many;
The following is a rewritten version of the type OldContainer to use Generics: class NewContainer< item> { private item _contained; public item MyProperty { get { return _contained; } set { _contained = value; } } } After the identifier NewContainer are a set of angle brackets. Within the angle brackets is an identifier item. You define Generics with the identifier item and the angle brackets. The identifier item isn t a type, but a named placeholder for a type. The best way to understand Generics is to say that the identifier item is a placeholder for a type replaced in the context of a method or type declaration. An example of using the type NewContainer is as follows: NewContainer< int> container = new NewContainer< int>(); container.MyProperty = 2; int value = container.MyProperty; The type NewContainer is defined with the type int within the angle brackets. The type int replaces the placeholder item in the NewContainer definition. The data member _contained is defined to be the type int. When MyProperty is assigned the value of 2, the value isn t boxed and then downcast. Instead, the value is assigned directly, and when the value is retrieved from MyProperty, a typecast isn t necessary, because the type of the container is an int.
Factory Methods
Therefore, given these rules, the preceding example expression should be grouped left to right, giving (2 / 6 ) * 4, which yields 4/3.
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