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The calculator client/server example in the previous example demonstrated how to use the TcpListener and TcpClient classes, but the result didn t really take advantage of the C# language features. The client could send any message to the server, not just the int values that the server was expecting. Extending the protocol between the client and the server is certainly possible but potentially troublesome, and you d still need to write some code to check for errors in processing messages from the client. An alternative approach is to use the Windows Commination Foundation (WCF), which is the .NET programming model for creating service-oriented applications, informally known as web services. The benefit of using WCF is that you get to work with C# objects, giving you the benefits of type safety, exception handling, and everything else that Part I of this book covered. The drawback of using WCF is complexity; WCF supports many different options and configurations. Getting started with WCF is reasonably simple, but mastering WCF especially for large-scale applications requires time and patience. There isn t space in this book to get deeply into WCF, but in the following sections I ll show you how to create basic a basic WCF server and client and demonstrate how to implement the simple calculator example from earlier in the chapter.
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Server-side host classes Server-side data portal
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Figure 6-16. Opening the secret door reveals more of the inner workings of our state machine. We re going to leave this piece alone for now and come back to it when we re building our workflow. We have a few more Christmases Past to visit before we can settle in, so let s get going, Ebenezer. At the top of Figure 6-16 you ll see two links one for the name of our workflow and the other for the name of the activity we re currently examining. Each of those links will take us back to the high-level view of our workflow the former to the beginning of the workflow and the latter to a view of the current activity. For our small-potatoes workflow, they both operate the same. Go ahead and click either one to go back. The next thing we re going to take a look at is adding new activities to our workflow. There s not anything different here, so just drag any activity out of the Toolbox and drop it any old place on the Designer. Go ahead, just pick an activity and add it. Now, unless you re cleverer than I am (which admittedly, isn t all that impossible) you probably weren t successful. As you might expect, it turns out that the only activities you can add directly to the workflow itself is a state activity or an EventDriven activity. It s not too much of a stretch, considering that this is a state machine; it is made to handle states and transitions, which is essentially what these two activities represent. We ll go into more detail on these two activities in just a bit. So now we ll add a state activity to the Designer. Grab it and drag it out; drop it anywhere you like. Remember, this is a freeform canvas. I ve expanded the height of the activity slightly so you can read all of the text, but Figure 6-17 shows our state activity after dropping it on the canvas. It tells us which activities we can drop on it: State activity EventDriven activity StateInitialization activity StateFinalization activity
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Understanding Animation-Easing Functions
Networking & WCF
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