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As part of the sllauncher.exe program command line, you need to pass the following parameters to install the OOB version of the Silverlight application: The install parameter defines the XAP file with the full local path. The origin parameter defines the server URL where the Silverlight application is hosted. This will help the OOB application get updates from the server. The shortcut parameter defines the application shortcut on the desktop and/or start menu. The overwrite parameter indicates to overwrite the installed version of the application (if already installed).
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Table 8-7. Continued
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Working with Particular Dates and Times
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When you arrive at level 3, after two taps, you re at the final straight: the font family plane. And you re close to a desired type design. Six closely related typefaces are presented with the same sample word: Hamburgefontis (see Figure 9-13). What is the significance of that term First, it s an isogram, a word without a repeating letter. Second, this test word contains most of the various shapes and strokes found in a typeface (e.g., cap height, ascender, and descender). When designing your own fonts, it is often recommended that you begin your work by creating the characters that spell out Hamburgefontis. By concentrating on designing and fine-tuning these characters first, the bits and pieces can then be applied to most of the other characters in the font. When submitting new designs or design ideas to a type foundry for consideration, designers often submit (or are asked to submit) the test word Hamburgefontis set in both mixed case and all caps as a printout or PDF or as a digital font. If you try to protect your type design, some patent offices request that sample in Word too.
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implementation detail. There are some conceptual differences, but they are a direct result of the implementation. From an object-oriented conceptual perspective, both define types. A type is necessary because it defines a piece of code that another piece of code can reference. The following code example illustrates how to reference types: struct SimpleStruct { } class SimpleClass { SimpleStruct _myStruct; public SimpleStruct getData() { return _myStruct; } } class MainApp { static void testMethod() { SimpleClass cls = new SimpleClass(); SimpleStruct structure = cls.getData(); } } The class MainApp has a method testMethod, which references types SimpleClass and SimpleStruct. The class SimpleClass references the type SimpleStruct. The sample code looks simple, and is an example of what a coder would typically write. What makes the code complex is that the references create dependencies. These dependencies can force major changes, even though the change in the dependency was simple. In the sample code, the type SimpleStruct doesn t reference and doesn t need to know the details of SimpleClass. But SimpleClass has to know about SimpleStruct. The types SimpleClass and SimpleStruct are considered to be one module. Source code that uses the functionality exposed by the module is called a consumer. The method testMethod, which represents a consumer, has to know about the types SimpleClass and SimpleStruct. If a change in SimpleStruct were to occur, then two code sections, the consumer and the SimpleClass implementation, would have to be checked and potentially changed. Checking for implementation changes in a module is straightforward, because a module is self contained. The headaches begin in the consumer code, because a change in SimpleStruct requires a change in the consumer code, which could be more complicated than the module. This is the irony of reusable object-oriented code. As more consumers reference and use a module s code, the more potential problems arise. This is because the module cannot dictate how the consumer uses itself. The consumer can do things that might work, but when the module is updated, such changes will cause logical errors in the application. The next section discusses the kinds of errors you might encounter. There are two types of errors: syntactical and logical. In syntactical (or syntax) errors, the type details change, and the compiler catches the changes due to extra or missing information. Most often, parameters cause these problems. Syntax errors aren t wholly problematic, as a programmer can quickly fix the errors, but many errors are tedious to fix.
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For more information, please refer to http://silverlight.net/getstarted/silverlight-4-beta/.
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Unlike the other generics, a method is not a type but a member. You can declare generic methods in both generic and nongeneric classes, and in structs and interfaces, as shown in Figure 19-10.
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Edit a Copy.
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Subarrays in Jagged Arrays
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