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High-level languages such as C# and C++ allow method overload on parameters only. This means you can declare several methods with the same name within the same class only if the parameter lists of these methods are different. However, you know by now that the methods are uniquely identified by the triad {name, signature, parent} (let s forget about privatescope methods for now) and that the signature of a method includes the calling convention and the return type. The conclusion we are coming to is yes! The common language runtime allows you to overload the methods on the return type and even on the calling convention. And, naturally, so does ILAsm. Take a look at the following code from sample Overloads.il on the Apress Web site: #define DEFLT_CTOR ".method public specialname void .ctor() {ldarg.0; call instance void .base::.ctor(); ret}" .typedef method void [mscorlib]System.Console::WriteLine(string) as PrintString .class public A { DEFLT_CTOR .method public void Foo() { ldstr "instance void Foo" call PrintString ret } .method public static void Foo() { ldstr "static void Foo" call PrintString ret } .method public vararg void Foo() { ldstr "instance vararg void Foo" call PrintString ret } .method public static vararg void Foo() { ldstr "static vararg void Foo" call PrintString ret } .method public int32 Foo() { ldstr "instance int32 Foo" call PrintString
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You defined a Film controller that would handle requests to URL s containing Film. Inside the controller you created an action called Index to be called when the user enters a URL such as ~/Film/ or ~/Film/Index. Inside the Index action, you set the ViewData Message property to Hello MVC! . When the user requested a URL containing Film, the request was routed to the Film controller. The Film controller then passed this request to method Index in FilmController.cs. The Index method set the ViewData Message property to Hello and welcome to MVC! . This view was then displayed to the user.
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The MainPage.xaml File
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Inappropriate Orientations
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Your graphics card allows you to specify a 2D image, from which it can sample the colors for your triangle. This means you ll have to import a 2D image into your XNA project and pass it to the graphics card before rendering your triangles. For each vertex, instead of specifying the color, you ll have to indicate which position in the 2D image corresponds to the vertex.
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Figure 1-2. The New Silverlight Application dialog in Visual Studio 2010 For the purpose of the examples in this book, it does not matter if you use a web site or a web application project; however, web application projects are better for eventual deployment since they contain a project file suitable for MSBuild. Also, our project is going to be a simple demonstration project, so you do not need to select the Enable WCF RIA Services option. Click OK, and the Solution Explorer will show two projects: the Silverlight application (FirstApplication) and the web site supporting it (FirstApplication.Web). If you now build the application, the Silverlight application is built to a XAP file (with the naming convention <SilverlightApplicationName>.xap) that is automatically copied to the ClientBin folder within the web site. This XAP file contains the Silverlight application with start-up assemblies and resources and will be downloaded by the client when he or she visits the web site. If you now start the development server in Visual Studio (by pressing F5 or Ctrl+F5), you will see the Silverlight application start. If, however, you create a new web site in IIS, point the document root to FirstApplication.Web, and navigate to this site, you will get a 404 error when trying to load the Silverlight application in your browser. What s going on IIS 6 must know about the new file extension .xap. You accomplish this by adding a new MIME type to either the root of IIS or to the specific web site you created. The file extension is .xap and the MIME type is application/x-silverlight-app.
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Author and Community Support
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Collect Data from a User
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Listing 2-22. Sample Game Loop Code for Checking If the User Has Not Died for Five Levels in a Row
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When to Use Shared Server
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Figure 10-15. Creating a strongly named assembly
Example of Properties and Databases
For example, the following code removes the event handler for ClassB after the first two times the event is raised and then lets the program run for another two seconds. ... mc.Elapsed += ca.TimerHandlerA; mc.Elapsed += ClassB.TimerHandlerB; Thread.Sleep(2250); // Add instance handler A. // Add static handler B. // Sleep more than 2 seconds.
Conditional compilation allows you to mark a section of source code to be either compiled or skipped, depending on whether a particular compilation symbol is defined. There are four directives for specifying conditional compilation: #if #else #elif #endif A condition is a simple expression that returns either true or false. A condition can consist of a single compilation symbol, or an expression of symbols and operators, as summarized in Table 22-2. Sub-expressions can be grouped with parentheses. The literals true and false can also be used in conditional expressions. Table 22-2. Conditions Used in the #if and #elif Directives
[Extent1].[Region] AS [Region], [Extent1].[PostalCode] AS [PostalCode], [Extent1].[Country] AS [Country], [Extent1].[HomePhone] AS [HomePhone], [Extent1].[Extension] AS [Extension], [Extent1].[Photo] AS [Photo], [Extent1].[Notes] AS [Notes], [Extent1].[ReportsTo] AS [ReportsTo], [Extent1].[PhotoPath] AS [PhotoPath] FROM [dbo].[Employees] AS [Extent1] WHERE N'London' = [Extent1].[City] The select clause in the query in Listing 30-1 projects the entire Employee object into the results for the LINQ query, which creates SQL query that retrieves all the columns in the Employees table. Given that we only print out the value of the FirstName and LastName properties, we can reduce the amount of data we request from the database by limiting what we project. Here is a modified query that selects only the data we want: var result = from e in context.Employees where e.City == "London" select new { FirstName = e.FirstName, LastName = e.LastName }; The SQL query generated to satisfy this query is as follows: SELECT 1 AS [C1], [Extent1].[FirstName] AS [FirstName], [Extent1].[LastName] AS [LastName] FROM [dbo].[Employees] AS [Extent1] WHERE N'London' = [Extent1].[City] As a general rule, it is good practice to avoid retrieving data from the database if you don t need to use it in your program. You can see that projecting only the fields we need in our LINQ select clause makes for a much simpler SQL query.
To change the color of the highlight, do the following: 1. 2. 3. Touch and hold the highlighted word. Choose Colors from the menu. Choose a new color (see Figure 11 3).
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