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Figure 11-1. Create a new Silverlight 4 application in Blend.
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Figure 10-7. Different status signs for a resort.
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Namespace Keywords
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Common Regions
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After picking your jaw up off the floor, you continue your discussion with your boss. She moves away from the technical details and fills you in on the business reasons for the investments they ve made. Early in 2005, KCD found itself struggling. As a large company formed by an aggressive purchasing schedule, they were suffocating under the weight of their multiple, disparate internal systems. The volume of information that had to be stored, tracked, and acted upon was growing exponentially. They couldn t keep up. A few high-profile failures had
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The IDE support in VS2008 for WPF and (particularly) Silverlight developers was not fantastic; in fact, for Silverlight developers it sucked because the design view was read only! Although some readers will no doubt be happier working in pure XAML, the design view can be very useful. The improvements make it easier than ever to develop WPF and Silverlight applications.
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In the previous section, you saw that an abstract class must be used as a base class it cannot be instantiated as a stand-alone class object. The opposite is true of a sealed class. A sealed class can be instantiated only as a stand-alone class object it cannot be used as a base class. A sealed class is labeled with the sealed modifier.
4. On the worksheet, you can see the source range, surrounded by a moving border. 5. Click OK, or Cancel, to close the dialog box.
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