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6. Almost there now add one more GoToStateAction Behaviors to [UserControl] and this
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// Call Factorial again.
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The responsibility of the Assignment object from Figure 3-8 is to manage the association between a project and a resource. This means that the Assignment object s behavior could include the idea of associating a project with a resource. This is a broader behavior than that provided by ProjectResources, which assigns a resource to a project, or by ResourceAssignments, which assigns a project to a resource. In fact, the behavior of Assignment is more general and encompasses the needs of both other objects. Of course, the ProjectResource and ResourceAssignment classes handle the real work of dealing with a resource assigned to a project or with a project associated with a resource. The collection classes really just add and remove these child objects, leaving it to the child objects to handle the details. The end result is that ProjectResource, to fulfill its behavior, can ask Assignment to do the actual work, as shown in Figure 3-9. The same is true of ResourceAssignment. The implication is that Assignment could have a method such as AddAssignment() that accepts a project s Id property and a resource s Id property, along with the role the resource will play on the project.
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Inter-Object Collaboration
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T point1 endPoint A size rotationAngle isLargeArcFlag sweepDirectionFlag endPoint
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0. The Storyboard should now look like this: a. b. c. d. At .5 seconds move the right-most UserControl to an angle of 45 degrees. At 1 second the right-most UserControl should be back at its original position. At 1.5 seconds the left-most UserControl should be at an angle of 45 degrees. At 2 seconds the left-most UserControl should be back at its original position.
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All the user interface technologies that .NET supports have visual designers, where you drag controls you require to the design surface and arrange them as you want them to appear. Controls are the elements of a user interface. They range from basic items (such as buttons and labels) to complex components (date pickers and data grids), and they include items that can help you with the function of your program but that are invisible to the user (data sources and LINQ queries). The design surface in Figure 32-3 is a blank gray window because we have not yet put any controls in place. We get some basic functions for free, even though we haven t done any design work. If you compile and run the project, you will see the same empty window. Note that the icon in the taskbar and the button at the top right of the window works as it should.
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Controlling Readability
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The statistics for the first SQL statement show that it consumed nearly 4 minutes of CPU time in the 10-minute time period with less than 0.01 seconds lost in any of the wait event categories. What is the cause of the potentially excessive CPU time Each of the 2,893 executions of the SQL statement required either a hard parse or a soft parse. While parsing is potentially time-consuming and CPU intensive, more information is required to determine the source of the CPU consumption. In the event that the plan for a SQL statement changed during the 10-minute capture period, the PLAN_HASH_VALUE is not used to restrict the output for the following query: SQL> SELECT 2 TE.SQL_ID, 3 TE.PLAN_HASH_VALUE PHV, 4 TE.EXECUTIONS-NVL(TS.EXECUTIONS,0) EXECUTIONS, 5 TE.FETCHES-NVL(TS.FETCHES,0) FETCHES, 6 TE.ROWS_PROCESSED-NVL(TS.ROWS_PROCESSED,0) ROW_PRO, 7 TE.BUFFER_GETS-NVL(TS.BUFFER_GETS,0) BUFFER_GETS, 8 TE.DISK_READS-NVL(TE.DISK_READS,0) DISK_READS 9 FROM 10 DATALOG.TS_SQLSTATS TS, 11 DATALOG.TE_SQLSTATS TE 12 WHERE 13 TE.SQL_ID=TS.SQL_ID(+) 14 AND TE.PLAN_HASH_VALUE=TS.PLAN_HASH_VALUE(+) 15 AND TE.SQL_ID IN ("4q9qq5mta9t07","cnbgwf9x3mcqj","9bz3rn13xf68a","0pb8dqzx301b4") 16 ORDER BY 17 TE.BUFFER_GETS DESC; SQL_ID ------------4q9qq5mta9t07 cnbgwf9x3mcqj 9bz3rn13xf68a 0pb8dqzx301b4 PHV EXECUTIONS FETCHES ROW_PRO BUFFER_GETS DISK_READS ---------- ---------- ------- ------- ----------- ---------1584794551 2,893 2,893 9,703 21,355,893 0 85458804 2,893 2,893 16,459 4,755,669 0 3894554182 3,039 3,039 10,265 1,061,466 0 1082151180 21,533 0 21,533 130,799 0
The business assembly implements the IStockTrader interface that is defined in the StockTraderTypes definition assembly. This logic was previously implemented directly in the Web service class file. But this design is very limiting because it isolates the business logic inside a
Putting all of these pieces together, you get an object that has an interface (a set of properties and methods), some implementation code (the business logic behind those properties and methods), and state (the data). This is illustrated in Figure 1-14.
function DisplayCurrency() { var num = Number.parseInvariant("130.52"); alert (num.localeFormat("c")); }
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