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Managed Exception Handling
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Figure 5-9 illustrates the following about the values of the actual and formal parameters at various stages in the execution of the method. Before the method call, variables A1 and A2, which will be used as the actual parameters, are already on the stack. At the beginning of the method, the names of the formal parameters are set as aliases for the actual parameters. Variables A1 and f1 refer to the same memory location, and A2 and f2 refer to the same memory location. The names A1 and A2 are out of scope and cannot be accessed from inside MyMethod. Inside the method, the code creates an object of type MyClass and assigns it to f1. It then assigns a value to f1 s field and also assigns a value to f2. The assignment to f1 and f2 are both required, since they are output parameters. After method execution, the names of the formal parameters are out of scope, but the values of both A1, the reference type, and A2, the value type, have been changed by the activity in the method.
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Common States Normal
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userland addressable memory on this operating system, you will need to use the new bcedit program as follows:
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At this point in the chapter, I ve walked through the life cycle of typical business objects, so you know the sequence of events that will occur as they are created, retrieved, updated, and deleted. I ve also discussed the code concepts and structures that are common to all business classes. Now let s dive in and look at the specific coding structure for each type of business class that you can create based on the CSLA .NET framework. These include the following: Editable root Editable child Editable, switchable (i.e., root or child) object Editable root collection Editable child collection Read-only object Read-only collection Command object Name/value list For each of these object types, I ll create the basic starting code that belongs in the class. In a sense, these are the templates from which business classes can be built.
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4-15. Gain Direct Access to Vertex Position Data by Defining a Custom TypeWriter and TypeReader
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6. Locate the images you would like to use on your hard drive and select them. 7. Your Projects panel should look something the one shown in Figure 12-8.
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Create a New ASP.NET Web Site
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Property Name
use the Clear Rules from Selected Cells command.
Figure 6-8. The syntax and structure of a property declaration The implicit parameter value in the set accessor is a normal value parameter. Like other value parameters, you can use it to send data into a method body or in this case, the accessor block. Once inside the block, you can use value like a normal variable, including assigning values to it. Other important points about accessors are the following: All paths through the implementation of a get accessor must include a return statement that returns a value of the property type. The set and get accessors can be declared in either order, and no methods other than the two accessors are allowed on a property.
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