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that I have seen. It replaces an older model called threads, which was much more complex and fiddly to work with.
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Streaming music is typically played by using the Audio Queue API. This API can play only a single track of compressed audio at a time, so don t try to cross-fade two songs, because it won t let you. There is very little that you can do to improve performance of an audio queue in your code. Instead, the optimizations for this are centered around the format of the audio file itself. You should not stream MP3 files because these are not in an optimal format for the iPhone to work with. The preferred format is the MPEG-4 format, and the most reliable way to generate this is with QuickTime Player. All you have to do is load your source audio file into QuickTime Player and then select Export from the File menu. Select Movie to MPEG-4
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Now let s assume that instead of writing the amendment file in ILAsm, you wrote it in another high-level language, compiled it to a module, and then disassembled it. Can you do that Yes, you can, and it means that round-tripping can be used for linking several modules together to form one. The original language used to write each module does not matter as long as all the modules are pure IL. The modules must be pure IL simply because any mixed-code module will fail to round-trip because of an inability of the IL assembler and disassembler to deal with the embedded native code. Brad Abrams, a Microsoft colleague I used to work with long ago (I believe in 2001), has written a small tool called Lame Linker, which performed managed module linking through round-tripping. You can have a look at this tool at GotDotNet, http://www.gotdotnet.com/ userarea/keywordsrch.aspx keyword=Lame%20Link. As Brad explained it, he called his linker lame because it didn t have many of the features of a good linker. Lame or not, this linker was used rather extensively and has proven to be a useful tool. Later, I wrote another, less lame module linker called ILLINK and also posted it on GotDotNet as a sample. You can find the ILLINK source code on Apress Web site. The basic problem with linking multiple modules through round-tripping is that you inevitably run into duplicate declarations. When you write amendment files in ILAsm, you don t need to make sure these files compile per se; they must compile together with the disassembly of the original module. But each module you link has been compiled per se, and a significant part of its metadata overlaps with the metadata of other modules being linked. Let s review the potential effects of multiple declarations of different metadata items. Multiple Assembly declarations (.assembly) should be avoided. The IL assembler ignores repetitive Assembly declarations as long as the assembly name is the same, but if one of any subsequent declarations specifies a name that differs from that of the first declaration, the compiler diagnoses an error. Multiple AssemblyRef declarations (.assembly extern) are harmless. The IL assembler ignores them. The same is true for Module declarations (.module), ModuleRef declarations (.module extern), File declarations (.file), and ExportedType declarations (.class extern). Duplicate ManifestResource declarations (.mresource) should be avoided. The IL assembler will not emit a new ManifestResource record for each declaration encountered, but it will incorporate a copy of the respective managed resource for each .mresource declaration in the output PE file. The resulting PE file will perform as expected, but it will be bloated. Duplicate member declarations (.field, .method, .event, .property) must be avoided because their presence leads to compilation failure. Duplicate member declarations can happen in two cases only: if you declare a private type in one module and declare an identically named private type in another module so the second type declaration is interpreted by the IL assembler as amendment of the first one and these two types happen to have same-nameand-type members, or if you declare same-name-and-type global fields or methods. Both scenarios are very likely indeed: you usually don t pay much attention to naming private types or global fields and methods because they are an internal affair of the module. But when you link several modules to form one, all the private types and global fields and methods from each module wind up together in the resulting module. Multiple declarations of the module entry point (.entrypoint) must be avoided as well, because they also cause compilation failure. If several of your original modules use mapped fields, you should watch for duplicate data declarations. ILDASM automatically generates the data labels D_<data_RVA> for regular data
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The .NET Framework includes the System.Collections.Generic namespace, which contains a number of powerful collection objects, including List(Of T), Dictionary(Of TKey, TValue), and others.
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Adding Transformation Capabilities
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Update t set y=10 where y=5;
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AJAXBook.SUV.prototype = { get_DriveType: function() { return this._DriveType; }, dispose: function() { alert("Disposing instance of class SUV"); } } AJAXBook.SUV.registerClass("AJAXBook.SUV", AJAXBook.Car);
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However, if the Web service call is successful, then the console will display the requested stock quote:
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Use of global fields/data is poor programming practice. Scalability and fault tolerance via a web farm requires increased complexity of infrastructure. Hard to code, requires a lot of manual coding to implement. Performance can be a problem over slow network links. Increased load on database server since state is retrieved/stored on each page hit. Requires manual coding to implement. Data cleanup must be implemented to deal with abandoned state data.
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Implementing an Error Strategy
The Clone Method
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