C# provides 16 predefined types, which are shown in Figure 3-4 and listed in Tables 3-1 and 3-2. They include 13 simple types and 3 nonsimple types. The names of all the predefined types consist of all lowercase characters. The predefined simple types include the following: Eleven numeric types, including the following: Various lengths of signed and unsigned integer types. Floating-point types float and double. A high-precision decimal type called decimal. Unlike float and double, type decimal can represent decimal fractional numbers exactly. It s often used for monetary calculations.
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Less than a month remained before the App Store opening. And what did I have A beautiful-looking game rendered nearly unplayable because of the limitations of the device. The first order of business was to figure out how to make the game playable for people with longer fingernails. I mulled the options over in my head. I couldn t make the pieces bigger, as the puzzles wouldn t fit on the screen. What I needed was a way to grow the control scheme outside the visible piece area. What if I expanded movement to include an invisible area around the piece Then Lindi would be able to move a piece without actually having her fingertip directly on the piece. Sounds a bit like the rotation scheme, doesn t it In rotation mode, any movement on the screen would rotate the piece. Could the same solution work for movement Seemed reasonable, but how would I distinguish between a move and rotation and still allow new pieces to be manipulated A rotation mode and a movement mode were needed. Yikes, this could get confusing to players. I needed to simplify the situation.
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The CopyState() method will take a snapshot of the object s current data and store it in a System. Collections.Generic.Stack(Of T) object.
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reports the next morning as expected. Plus, total application performance is severely impacted while the summaries are executing. The product had been developed several years earlier and was originally deployed on Oracle 9.2. Because the existing version had some known performance issues and many of the customers needed the application to scale to larger amounts of data, it was time to replace the product with a new version using Oracle 10g. However, before the new product could be approved for distribution, it was necessary to confirm that several issues had been resolved in the new release. The prior version had experienced problems with the optimizer choosing an inappropriate execution plan for some of the summarizations depending on the quantity and the cardinality of the data collected for a given day. The problem had been managed in the existing product by using hints when it became apparent that a specific bit of code or a specific site needed a different execution plan than the one selected by the optimizer, but customizing the code on an as-needed basis was not a cost-effective solution. Nor would it make the customer happy if the product had to fail in order to be optimized. Although there were multiple changes in the new product to test and verify, the primary goals of performance testing were as follows: Verify that the known optimizer issue had been resolved. Confirm that summarization processes would complete within a set time frame in spite of wide ranges of data quantities. Ensure that no new issues reduced the predictability of summary completion times. Verify expected performance improvements resulting from code changes.
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Figure 11-4. Adding the order message type
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Note I have five instances on my test/demo machine. This is highly unusual. I needed five instances to test the
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Smaller: you only need one implementation regardless of the number of constructed types. Only types for which there is a constructed type are present in the executable. Harder to write. Easier to maintain, because modifications are only needed in one place.
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CHAPTER 3: Brightkite for the iPHone
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At this point in the chapter, I ve walked through the life cycle of typical business objects, so you know the sequence of events that will occur as they are created, retrieved, updated, and deleted. I ve also discussed the code concepts and structures that are common to all business classes. Now let s dive in and look at the specific coding structure for each type of business class that you can create based on the CSLA .NET framework. These include the following: Editable root Editable child Editable, switchable (i.e., root or child) object Editable root collection Editable child collection Read-only object Read-only collection Command object Name/value list
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The Solution
When a program raises an exception, the system checks to see whether the program has provided a handler for it. Figure 11-6 shows the flow of control. If the exception occurred inside a try block, the system will check to see whether any of the catch clauses can handle the exception. If an appropriate catch clause is found, the one of the following happens: The catch clause is executed. If there is a finally block, it is executed. Execution continues after the end of the try statement (that is, after the finally block, or after the last catch clause if there is no finally block).
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