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[WebMethod] public Quote RequestQuote(string Symbol) { // implementation code }
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take snapshots of their states. All it needs to do is keep track of how many times CopyState() has been called so the collection can properly implement the adding and removing of child objects, as described earlier. Notice that the CopyState() call is also cascaded to the objects in DeletedList. This is important because those objects might at some point get restored as active objects in the collection. Even though they re not active at the moment (because they re marked for deletion), they need to be treated the same as regular nondeleted objects. Overall, this process is fairly straightforward: the CopyState() call is just cascaded down to the child objects. The same can t be said for UndoChanges() or AcceptChanges().
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s Windows integrated security is probably not a viable option in most cases. It s relatively unlikely that Tip unknown clients on unknown platforms will be authenticated within your Windows domain. While the CSLA .NET architecture does support this option, using it would mean that consumers must start out with valid Windows domain accounts with which they can authenticate to your web server.
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Different parts of the service stack are used at different stages during service design, during development, and at runtime. When someone has defined and created a service, she will deploy it to a server running a SOAP Stack, deploy a WSDL document to describe the service, and create an entry in the Enterprise UDDI registry describing the service (and pointing to the WSDL document). Along comes a developer looking to meet some requirements, and he queries the UDDI registry to see if there are services that can help him meet his requirements (see Figure 6-3).
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The purpose of the Composite pattern9 is to define a structure of objects in a hierarchy, where some objects are containers, and others are leaves. The UML diagram of the Composite pattern is illustrated in Figure 5-7.
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All sessions that have been detected and fulfill the three filter arguments are stored inside an AvailableNetworkSessionsCollection. If no sessions can be found, this collection will be empty.
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These are admittedly minor differences, but they illustrate the point: When you call an external service, it is unlikely that their type definitions will be equivalent to yours. You have to be prepared for some manual work to translate the differences. In real life, of course, you would not have to create the external service yourself, but for the purposes of this demonstration you do.
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Figure 4-20. Content pipeline with custom Processor, TypeWriter, and TypeReader Go through the checklist of recipe 3-9 to create a custom content pipeline project. Add this class to the namespace of your new content pipeline project: public class Triangle { private Vector3[] points; public Triangle(Vector3 p0, Vector3 p1, Vector3 p2) { points = new Vector3[3]; points[0] = p0; points[1] = p1; points[2] = p2; } public public public public } This is a very simple class, capable of storing three Vector3s. It provides some getter methods, allowing you to retrieve one Vector3 at a time or an array containing the three Vector3s. For each triangle of your Model, you want to create an object of this custom class, store all of these objects in an array, and store this array in the Tag property of the Model, so it becomes available to your XNA runtime code. Vector3[] Points Vector3 P0 { get Vector3 P1 { get Vector3 P2 { get { { { { get { return points; } } return points[0]; } } return points[1]; } } return points[2]; } }
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public long PerformCalculation(long x, long y) { return x * y; } } class Listing 29 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create a new instance of Calculator Calculator calc = new Calculator(); // call the PerformCalculation method long res = calc.PerformCalculation(10, 10); // print the results Console.WriteLine("Result: {0}", res); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } The types for the parameters and results in the overloaded methods in the Calculator class can be converted implicitly, and that can cause problems when the runtime infers the type, such as when numeric literals are used. Details of numeric literals and how types are inferred from them are in 5. The Main method in the Listing 29 class calls the PerformCalculaton method with two numeric literal parameters like this:
Optimal Performance Smart Client
Workflows are made up of activities. Microsoft provides a number of building block activities providing basic logic and flow statements for you to use called the Base Activity Library (BAL). You can of course (and should) create your very own activities. Figure 6-3 shows the WF activity hierarchy.
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