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Table 4-23. CheckBox Control Properties
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TypeLibVarAttribute: This attribute, which can be owned by a field, is similar to TypeLibFuncAttribute and TypeLibTypeAttribute except that the flags in question are COM variable flags.
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4. The DataPortal_Create() method is called and this is where the child object implements data access code to load its default values. 5. The child object must call MarkAsChild() in the DataPortal_Create() implementation to mark the object as a child. 6. The child object is returned. Again, the factory method is called by the collection object rather than the UI, but the rest of the process is the same as with a root object. 7. From the child object s perspective, two methods are called, as follows: The default constructor DataPortal_Create() This is illustrated in Figure 4-8.
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The real work of data binding at runtime is handled by the CslaDataSourceView. ASP.NET gets a reference to this object through CslaDataSource, but it is this object that actually interacts with the data source. The object maintains a reference to the CslaDataSource control that created it, along with the assembly name and type name of the business object to which it is bound: Public Class CslaDataSourceView Inherits DataSourceView Private mOwner As CslaDataSource Private mTypeName As String Private mTypeAssemblyName As String The class inherits from System.Web.UI.DataSourceView, and so is required (at a minimum) to override the ExecuteSelect() method. It also overrides ExecuteInsert(), ExecuteUpdate(), and ExecuteDelete(). ASP .NET calls these methods to trigger the appropriate operation at the appropriate time. For instance, when a control s data binding requires data, ASP .NET invokes the ExecuteSelect() method, and when data is to be inserted, it invokes the ExecuteInsert() method.
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The client may choose to set an expiration date and time on the request message, which means that the message is only valid for a specific number of seconds after it is issued. This ensures that if the SOAP message is intercepted and re-sent by an unauthorized sender, then it will only be useful to them for a limited amount of time. And of course, if the message expiration is set short enough, then there will not be time for an unauthorized party to intercept and reroute the message. Message timestamps and expiration are a useful first defense for preventing the unauthorized use of legitimate SOAP messages. As added protection, the client may digitally sign both the message body and the timestamp directly. This allows the receiving service to detect a scenario wherein the timestamp itself was tampered with and altered by an unauthorized user. In this chapter, I did not discuss how to digitally sign SOAP message headers. I only explained how to sign the SOAP message body. Or so you may have thought, because it turns out that WSE actually incorporates selected SOAP message headers into the digital signature (in addition to the SOAP message body), and the Created and Expires timestamp information is included. In fact, if you study the WS-Security encoding in a SOAP request message, you will see a listing of all signed message elements. This information is stored within the <wsse:Security><Signature><SignedInfo> node. So the good news is that you do
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Figure 11-7. Searching down the call stack
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9 Design Patterns for SOAP Messaging with WS-Addressing and Routing . . . . . . . . . . . . . 215
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the Tab key twice. Visual Studio 2010 attaches the Click event to the EventHandler method stub for you. My code follows: namespace EventsAndEventHandlers { public partial class MainPage : UserControl { public MainPage()
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EF has a number of features (particularly in the latest release), such as support for POCO (Plain old CLR object e.g.net classes!) and self-tracking of change templates, that make it a great solution for the development of n-tier applications.
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Figure 9-2. fManaged can have native and managed callers
Figure 33-7. Changing the name of a control Change the name of each control in sequence to minutesTextBox, lapsTextBox, lengthTextBox, and caloriesTextBox. Select the topmost pair of TextBox controls, and set the Text property to 0. This will set the default value when the program starts. Select the lengthTextBox, and set the Text property to 20. Select the caloriesTextBox, and set the Text property to 1070. Finally, select all the TextBox controls together, and scroll down the Properties window until you find the Text properties group. Click the right-alignment button, as shown in Figure 33-8.
Note 3 covered value types, which, as you will remember, are types that contain their own data. Don t be confused that I m now talking about value parameters. They re entirely different. Value parameters are parameters where the value of the actual parameter is copied to the formal parameter.
select * from colocated a100 where x between 20000 and 40000 Rows Row Source Operation ------- --------------------------------------------------20001 TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID COLOCATED (cr=684 pr=0 pw=0 ) 20001 INDEX RANGE SCAN COLOCATED_PK (cr=245 pr=0 pw=0
Property-Level and Method-Level Authorization
Note Most of the time, it should be enough to associate default selectivity and default cost with given functions
NOTE: At the time of writing, you can accept meeting invitations on your iPod touch from your Exchange account. You can also create meetings for your Exchange account if you choose the Exchange calendar. Invitations will also transfer automatically from Entourage, iCal, or Outlook if you have iTunes set to sync with those programs.
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