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In most cases, the need for a switchable object indicates a flawed object model. Although there are exceptions for this that make sense, you should examine your object model carefully to see if there s a simpler solution before implementing a switchable object.
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else { if (Key.Equals(target)) return 0; else return Key.ToString().CompareTo(target.ToString()); } } public override string ToString() { return Key.ToString(); } } In addition to associating the property value to the base index of the child object in the original collection, ListItem implements IComparable<T>. This interface enables the .NET Framework to sort a collection of ListItem objects. This interface requires implementation of the CompareTo() method, which is responsible for comparing one ListItem object to another. Of course, it is the key value that is to be compared, so CompareTo() simply compares the value of its Key property to the Key property from the other ListItem object. If the type of the key value implements IComparable, then the call simply delegates to that interface: if (Key is IComparable) return ((IComparable)Key).CompareTo(target); Otherwise things are a bit more complex. Obviously, any objects can be compared for equality, so that part is straightforward: if (Key.Equals(target)) return 0; However, if the type of the key value doesn t implement IComparable, then there s no easy way to see if one is greater than the other. To overcome this problem, both values are converted to their string representations, which are then compared to each other: return Key.ToString().CompareTo(target.ToString()); While this is not perfect, it is the best we can do. And really this is an extreme edge case since most types are comparable, including strings, numeric types, and dates. Given that most properties are of those types, this solution works well in almost every case.
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Figure 11-42. A list with a gradient color background
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the implementation flag internalcall is set, or the class owning the method has the import flag set, or the pinvokeimpl flag is set, the implementation flags native and unmanaged are not set, and the ImplMap table contains a record referencing the current Method record, and this record contains valid ModuleRef reference.
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// The destructor
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Literals for real numbers consist of the following: Decimal digits An optional decimal point An optional exponent part An optional suffix For example, the following code shows various formats of literals of the real types: float double double double f1 d1 d2 d3 = = = = 236F; 236.714; .35192; 6.338e-26;
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Notice that I set the Source of the MediaElement to be video1.wmv, and the MediaElement is set to auto play. So when you run your application, your video should start to play. But we want a UC_VideoDragger, if dragged and dropped onto the MediaElement, to start playing the video that is associated with the dragger. To do this we need to get a list of all visual elements in the visual tree. We then need to cycle through that list, and if that list contains a MediaElement, we need to set the Source of the MediaElement to the VideoURL property of the UC_VideoDragger: To do this, go back in to your CreateVideoDraggerUserControls method in MainPage.xaml.cs and wire up a handler to an event right under where you increment XProp. In that new handler you will create the code that will cycle through all of the elements in the visual tree. When a MediaElement is located during that cycle, you will re-create the videoDragger and then use its URL property to set the Source of the MediaElement. private void CreateVideoDraggerUserControls() { foreach (Video v in DataFactory.CLRInstance.VideoData) { // create a new instance of UC_VideoDragger UC_VideoDragger videoDragger = new UC_VideoDragger(); // set the PreviewImage source videoDragger.PreviewImage.Source = new BitmapImage(new Uri(v.ThumbnailImage, UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute)); // set the video URl videoDragger.VideoURL = v.Url; // set the PreviewTextBlock text videoDragger.PreviewTextBlock.Text = v.Title; // set the X and Y Prop to local values videoDragger.Xprop = Xprop; videoDragger.YProp = Yprop; // set the x and y location on the DragCanvas Canvas videoDragger.SetValue(Canvas.LeftProperty, Xprop); videoDragger.SetValue(Canvas.TopProperty, Yprop); // set the cursor to the Hand cursor videoDragger.Cursor = Cursors.Hand; // add videoDragger to the DragCanvas
class SomeClass // Base class { public string Field1 = "base class field "; public void Method1( string value ) { Console.WriteLine("Base class -- Method1: {0}", value); } } class OtherClass: SomeClass // Derived class { public string Field2 = "derived class field"; public void Method2( string value ) { Console.WriteLine("Derived class -- Method2: {0}", value); } } class Program { static void Main() { OtherClass oc = new OtherClass(); oc.Method1( oc.Method1( oc.Method2( oc.Method2( } } This code produces the following output: Base class -Base class -Derived class Derived class Method1: Method1: -- Method2: -- Method2: base class field derived class field base class field derived class field oc.Field1 oc.Field2 oc.Field1 oc.Field2 ); ); ); ); // // // // Base method with base field Base method with derived field Derived method with base field Derived method with derived field
In principle, cloud storage, resources, and applications are maintenance-free for users. There is very limited work left for end users to do. Let s have a quick look at some of the tasks you may have to carry out.
namespace PropertiesPanel { public partial class MainPage : UserControl { public MainPage() { // Required to initialize variables InitializeComponent(); Loaded += new RoutedEventHandler(MainPage_Loaded); } void MainPage_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { throw new NotImplementedException(); } } }
private void Application_UnhandledException (object sender, ApplicationUnhandledExceptionEventArgs e) { e.Handled = true; ErrorHandler.ReportError(e.ExceptionObject.Message, e.ExceptionObject. StackTrace.Replace('"', '\'').Replace("\r\n", @"\n")); } Now to test this, you just need to raise any exception so it can bubble up to Application level and gets handled in previously defined method and shown to user in the ChildWindow control within Silverlight UI. In the source code of this chapter, I have created and thrown the IndexOutOfRangeException as following. IndexOutOfRangeException ex = new IndexOutOfRangeException(); throw (ex); Now any time your application encounters an exception it can t recover from (otherwise you d be handling the exception), the user will get immediate feedback and can optionally choose to report the error (if you don t do this automatically or remove this button).
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