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For managed objects, object destruction and memory reclamation are decoupled. This supports reliable code in two ways. First, accessing managed objects that are already destroyed cannot corrupt the state of some other random object; instead, it often ends up in a welldefined reaction the ObjectDisposedException. The second benefit is that the runtime can
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2. In the New Project dialog box, select Silverlight Application. 3. Name the project SimpleVSMProject. 4. Select the location where you want to save the project. 5. Click OK (see Figure 6-3).
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Defining Default Values
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class Listing 13 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create a context NorthwindEntities context = new NorthwindEntities(); // query to find the empoyee record we are looking for IEnumerable<Employee> results = from e in context.Employees where e.LastName == "Freeman" select e; // enumerate the results and delete them foreach (Employee emp in results) { context.DeleteObject(emp); } // save the changes context.SaveChanges();
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As you ve seen before, the first step you need to take is to create Atlas control objects based on the underlying HTML. This is what the first two lines of the code do, and they create an object based on the underlying HTML input called textBoxString and the underlying HTML span (for a label) called spanLabel2. Next you need to set up the binding. First, create a new instance of a binding control: var binding_1 = new Web.Binding(); Next, you need to initialize the binding with dataContext, dataPath, and property, which specify the control you are binding to, the property on that control that you are binding to, and the property on this control you are binding to it, respectively. So, this binding has its context as the text box, and you are binding its text property to the text property of the control that the binding will be associated with. (You will be associating this binding with the label and will see this in a moment.) binding_1.set_dataContext(textBoxString); binding_1.set_dataPath('text'); binding_1.set_property('text'); Next, you specify the transform. You could use a fixed transform here, such as invert or toString. However, you want a custom binding that reverses the string. No such binding is built into Atlas, but you can write our own and specify it here. On the page is a script called customTransform, so you specify it as the desired transform for this binding like this: binding_1.transform.add(customTransform); Finally, you want to associate this binding with the label. You do this by getting the collection of bindings for the label using the get_bindings() method and adding to this collection with its add() method: spanLabel2.get_bindings().add(binding_1); The custom transform is simple JavaScript that takes the string (passed in as the eventArgs) and uses the Web.StringBuilder Atlas class to build a new string that is the inverse of the original: function customTransform(sender, eventArgs) { var value = eventArgs.get_value(); var reverseStr = new Web.StringBuilder(); for (var i=value.length-1; i>=0; i--) reverseStr.append(value.charAt(i)); eventArgs.set_value(reverseStr.toString()); } </script> Because this function is called from the binding, it will automatically be called whenever the text box loses focus (the trigger for the binding), so if you type into the text box and tab out of it, you will see the label updated with the inverse of what you had typed in the text box.
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This class operates just like the Application class in other Silverlight applications, but provides the extra functionality that dynamic applications need.
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If multiple players are sending you data, chances are you ll have multiple byte streams waiting to be read by your code. This can also happen if another player is calling the SendData more frequently than you re calling the ReceiveData. In these cases, you can query the localGamer.IsDataAvailable property, because this will stay true as long as there is a byte stream waiting for your local gamer. As long as data is available to your player, the following code will receive a new PacketReader and read the GamerTag property of the player who sent the data. Next, the number of minutes and seconds that player s program has been running is read from the PacketReader.
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The BasicEffect will render your scene just fine using the lighting you configured. However, if you want to define some fancy effects yourself, your effects will have to add correct lighting to your scene. In this recipe, you ll learn how to write a basic HLSL effect that performs per-vertex shading.
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For example, the following code shows method MyMethod again, but this time the parameters are reference parameters rather than value parameters. class MyClass { public int Val = 20; }
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