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In an SOA solution, the distributed application uses service components that reside in separate domains. Service components operate inside their own trust boundary, encapsulate their own data, and are maintained and updated independently of, though loosely coupled with, the applications that use them. Figure 1-2 shows a conceptual service-oriented architecture that summarizes the three main entities in a typical SOA solution. They are Service providers Service consumers Service directories
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</ContentTemplate> </asp:UpdatePanel> </ContentTemplate> </ajaxToolkit:TabPanel> <ajaxToolkit:TabPanel runat="server" ID="Panel3" HeaderText="Email" > <ContentTemplate> . . . </ContentTemplate> </ajaxToolkit:TabPanel> <ajaxToolkit:TabPanel runat="server" ID="Panel2" OnClientClick= "PanelClick" HeaderText="Controls"> <ContentTemplate> . . . </ContentTemplate> </ajaxToolkit:TabPanel> </ajaxToolkit:TabContainer>
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CHAPTER 4: Outpost
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Web Forms Data Binding
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Define an array to contain objects of a given type and get and set values in the array. Define and populate an array in a single statement. Enumerate the contents of an array. Sort the contents of an array. Process all of the items in an array. Determine the capacity of an array. Copy the contents of one array to another. Change the capacity of an array. Find items in an array.
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Your GetPivotData formula refers to a pivot table in another workbook. When you open the workbook and update the links, you get a #REF! error in the GetPivotData formulas. This problem is based on the Linked.xlsx workbook, which has references to the Insert.xlsx workbook, stored in the C:\_Work folder.
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Let s keep going and explore the next layout element in Silverlight, the Border.
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In this chapter, I continued discussing the implementation of the CSLA .NET framework. This chapter covered the object status values maintained by editable objects, allowing the rest of CSLA .NET, your business code, and your UI code to interact with your objects in a standardized manner. All editable objects maintain the following status values: IsSelfDirty IsDirty IsSelfValid IsValid IsNew IsSavable IsDeleted Some of these values are important to parent-child relationships, as discussed in 9. Others rely on validation and authorization, as discussed in s 11 and 12. And many of them are used by the data portal as discussed in 15.
PROGRAM ::= decls decls ::= /* EMPTY */ | decls decl decl ::= moduleParamDecl | manifestDecl | classHead { classDecls } | .namespace dottedName { decls } /* obsolete */ | methodHead methodDecls } | fieldDecl | dataDecl | extSourceSpec | secDecl | customAttrDecl | languageDecl | typedefDecl | compControl
Listing 2-14. Implementation of connectionDidFinishLoading
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