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Microsoft s Windows Azure is a relatively new .NET PAAS service. It boasts low-maintenance pay-asyou-go .NET services and SQL services. Microsoft is late to the game but has a lot of financial resources at its disposal. For pure SQL Server and .NET environments, Azure could be a preferable option to hosting your own servers.
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The example shown in Listing 12-23 illustrates one way to expose STL/CLR collections to the .NET world. This scenario might be useful if you have just ported some STL code to managed code using STL/CLR, and want to work with these collections from your C# application. You could take the approach of creating a public class that has an interface to the .NET world using the .NET generic interfaces. Compile the C++/CLI code in pure mode so that it can easily be used from the C# program.
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What Is .NET 4.0 and VS2010 All About
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Overview of Messaging
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These types, however, are not always stored as shown in Figure 3-9. The data portion of an object of a reference type is always stored in the heap, as shown in the figure. The data of a value type object or the reference of a reference type object can be stored in either the stack or the heap, depending on the circumstances. Suppose, for example, that you have an instance of a reference type, called MyType, that has two members a value type member and a reference type member. How is it stored Is the value type member stored on the stack and the reference type split between the stack and the heap as shown in Figure 3-9 The answer is no.
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The Solution
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When you re creating an application, it s important to start with a logical architecture that clarifies the roles of all components, separates functionality so that a team can work together effectively, and simplifies overall maintenance of the system. The logical architecture must also include enough layers so that you have flexibility in choosing a physical architecture later on. Traditionally, you would devise at least a 3-layer logical model that separates the interface, the business logic, and the data-management portions of the application. Today that s rarely sufficient, because the interface layer is often physically split into two parts (browser and web server), and the logic layer is often physically split between a client or web server and an application server. Additionally, various application models have been used to break the traditional Business layer into multiple parts model-view-controller (MVC) and facade-data-logic being two of the most popular at the moment. This means that the logical layers are governed by the following rules: The logical architecture includes layers in order to organize components into discrete roles. The logical architecture must have at least as many layers as the anticipated physical deployment will have tiers. Following these rules, most modern applications have four to six logical layers. As you ll see, the architecture used in this book includes five logical layers.
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Understanding .NET Cross-Platform Support
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Listing 6-26. Function for Adding a Frame s Worth of Time to a timeval in UnixTime.c
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