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doing a single sort consumed a little more than .5MB of RAM. At 500 users, we would be very close to the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET setting just by having them all logged in, let alone actually doing any work! This drives home the point that the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET is just that: a target, not a directive. We can and will exceed this value for various reasons. Now we are ready to report on the finding; for reasons of space, we ll stop the output at 250 users since the data starts to get quite repetitive: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> column active format 999 ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> column pga format 999.9 ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> column "tot PGA" format 999.9 ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> column pga_diff format 999.99 ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> column "temp write" format 9,999 ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> column "tot writes temp" format 99,999,999 ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> column writes_diff format 9,999,999 ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> select active, 2 pga, 3 "tot PGA", 4 "tot PGA"-lag( "tot PGA" ) over (order by active) pga_diff, 5 "temp write", 6 "tot writes temp", 7 "tot writes temp"-lag( "tot writes temp" ) over (order by active) writes_diff 8 from ( 9 select * 10 from ( 11 select active, 12 name, 13 case when name like "%ga mem%" then round(value/1024/1024,1) else value end val 14 from sess_stats 15 where active < 275 16 ) 17 pivot ( max(val) for name in ( 18 "session pga memory" as "PGA", 19 "total: session pga memory" as "tot PGA", 20 "physical writes direct temporary tablespace" as "temp write", 21 "total: physical writes direct temporary tablespace" as "tot writes temp" 22 ) ) 23 ) 24 order by active 25 / ACTIVE PGA tot PGA PGA_DIFF temp write tot writes temp WRITES_DIFF ------ ------ ------- -------- ---------- --------------- ----------0 2.0 6.2 0 6,658 1 11.4 15.6 9.40 0 6,658 0 26 9.7 103.0 87.40 0 115,179 108,521 51 1.2 164.3 61.30 1,055 345,960 230,781 76 2.8 196.2 31.90 1,057 588,922 242,962 102 1.2 177.8 -18.40 1,715 727,835 138,913 127 1.1 171.3 -6.50 3,699 1,206,949 479,114 151 1.0 191.9 20.60 5,724 1,864,445 657,496 177 1.0 216.9 25.00 6,677 2,736,554 872,109 201 1.0 255.7 38.80 6,686 3,994,030 1,257,476 227 1.0 286.9 31.20 6,683 5,723,449 1,729,419 253 1.0 304.0 17.10 6,669 7,992,572 2,269,123 10 rows selected.
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Value Type Definitions
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For each pixel in each triangle, the pixel shader will look up the usual color from the color texture. This time, the pixel shader will also sample the bump map, to look up in which direction the default normal should be deviated for that specific pixel. A normal vector is a 3D vector, defined by three coordinates. For more information on normals, see recipe 5-7. To see why a normal influences the lighting, see recipe 6-1. For each pixel of the bump map, the three coordinates of the distorted normal are stored in the three color components. However, the three coordinates should be capable of ranging from 1 to 1 (a direction can be along the positive or negative x-, y-, or z-axis), while a color component can be specified only within the [0,1] range (1 indicates full intensity, 0 indicates no intensity). So, you will need to map the value from the [0,1] range into the [ 1,1] range, which can, for example, be accomplished by subtracting 0.5 from the value (mapping the value into the [ 0.5, 0.5] range) and by multiplying the result by 2 (mapping it into the [ 1,1] range). This is done during the second and third lines of your pixel shader: SBMPixelToFrame SBMPixelShader(SBMVertexToPixel PSIn) : COLOR0 { SBMPixelToFrame Output = (SBMPixelToFrame)0; float3 bumpMapColor = tex2D(BumpMapSampler, PSIn.TexCoord).rbg; float3 normalFromBumpMap = (bumpMapColor - 0.5f)*2.0f; float lightFactor = dot(-normalize(normalFromBumpMap), normalize(xLightDirection)); float4 texColor = tex2D(TextureSampler, PSIn.TexCoord); Output.Color = lightFactor*texColor; return Output; } In a bump map, the three color channels indicate into which direction the default normal in that pixel should be deviated. Pixels where the default normal should not be deviated are bluish (R=0.5, G=0.5, B=1). So, in this specific example of two triangles defined in the XZ plane, such a pixel should get a normal vector pointing upward, in the (0,1,0) direction. Pixels in the bump map with a color that is different from (R=0.5, G=0.5, B=1) indicate the normal should be deviated from this (0,1,0) direction. In this case, you want the normal to be deviated into the X or Z direction for such pixels. See the next recipe for a general approach.
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The changes are shown in bold. First, I create a new object of the child windows type. This is ErrorWindow, taken from the name we gave the item when we added it to the project:
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s Note Obviously, there is security. It is common to use Windows domain or Active Directory security on the clients and servers, but there s nothing stopping someone from attempting to communicate directly with any of these machines. Within a typical LAN, users can usually connect through the network to all machines due to a lack of firewall or physical barriers.
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To show only column fields, change pt.VisibleFields to pt.ColumnFields. To show only the Tip
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Figure 12-2. Using the business rules engine The fact that the API can be called from anywhere really sheds a different light on the BRE. It can truly become an enterprise-specific resource, rather than something that is isolated to BizTalk orchestrations (you ll still need the BizTalk Server licensing, however). But what exactly is a business rule Is it code Is it a class method
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Note When drawing an object from a 3D world, you always need to set the World, View, and Projection read bar code 39
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Enumerating Files and Directories
You should now see a list box with the movie's title and length displayed.
that it is smaller; it s only 578 blocks now. So it 128 blocks smaller than it was when encrypted with the SALT, but it is still 256 blocks larger than it was when stored non-encrypted. The largest overhead will typically come from the fact the data is stored in a fixed width field that is some multiple of 16 not from the SALT. Next, we ll look at how this data is managed and stored in the block buffer cache in the SGA.
An exception could occur while calling the server. The most likely cause of such an exception is that an exception occurred in the business logic running on the server, though exceptions can also occur due to network issues or similar problems. When an exception does occur in business code on the server, it will be reflected here as a Csla.Server.DataPortalException, which is caught and handled: result = ex.Result; if (proxy.IsServerRemote) ApplicationContext.SetGlobalContext (result); throw new DataPortalException("DataPortal.Fetch " + Resources.Failed, ex.InnerException, result.ReturnObject); The Csla.Server.DataPortalException returns the business object from the server exactly as it was when the exception occurred. It also returns the GlobalContext information from the server so that it can be used to update the client s context data. Ultimately, the data from the server is used to create a Csla.DataPortalException that is thrown back to the business object. It can be handled by the business object or the UI code as appropriate. Notice that the Csla.DataPortalException object contains not only all the exception details from the server, but also the business object from the server. This object can be useful when debugging server-side exceptions. More commonly, an exception won t occur. In that case, the result returned from the server includes the GlobalContext data from the server, which is used to update the context on the client: if (proxy.IsServerRemote) ApplicationContext.SetGlobalContext (result);
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