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when the application starts, it won t be visible, as shown in Figure 2-64.
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To migrate to managed compilation, you should start by modifying properties at the project level. Project-level properties are inherited by all project items (source files); however, for a project item, you can explicitly overwrite inherited settings. The very first setting that you should look at is the choice of the CRT variant. Figure 7-3 shows how you can find and modify this setting.
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The do Loop
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Figure 13-18. Displaying the appropriate stages
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C H APTER 7 Code Optimization with Mike Lee, the World s Toughest Programmer . . . . . . . . . . . 191
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There are a number of ways to add snippets to your code. No doubt the quickest way is to use the trigger word (such as textbox in an ASP.NET app), but sometimes you may not know the trigger word to use. In that case you can pick the word from the snippet dialogue. To open the snippet dialogue, right-click on the editor, Select Insert Snippet, and you can then choose from either the ASP.NET or HTML snippets. You can also press Ctrl + K and then Ctrl + X to bring up the Insert Snippet enhancement, which allows you to navigate through them using the keyboard.
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Multiple sets
Azure employs a pricing model similar to other cloud-computing suppliers such as Amazon. I was a little disappointed that Microsoft was not more innovative in this respect, and, as you can see, it could be quite tricky to work out how much your application will actually cost you (particularly with limited analysis support at present). The Windows Azure site lists the following regarding SLA agreement:
Going Mobile
It is a common misconception that undo is used to restore the database physically to the way it was before the statement or transaction executed, but this is not so. The database is logically restored to the way it was any changes are logically undone but the data structures, the database blocks themselves, may well be different after a rollback. The reason for this lies in the fact that, in any multiuser system, there will be tens or hundreds or thousands of concurrent transactions. One of the primary functions of a database is to mediate concurrent access to its data. The blocks that our transaction modifies are, in general, being modified by many other transactions as well. Therefore, we can t just put a block back exactly the way it was at the start of our transaction that could undo someone else s work! For example, suppose our transaction executed an INSERT statement that caused the allocation of a new extent (i.e., it caused the table to grow). Our INSERT would cause us to get a new block, format it for use, and put some data into it. At that point, some other transaction might come along and insert data into this block. If we roll back our transaction, obviously we can t unformat and unallocate this block. Therefore, when Oracle rolls back, it is really doing the logical equivalent of the opposite of what we did in the first place. For every INSERT, Oracle will do a DELETE. For every DELETE, Oracle will do an INSERT. For every UPDATE, Oracle will do an anti-UPDATE, or an UPDATE that puts the row back the way it was prior to our modification.
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