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Data access code interacts with the Data Management layer to retrieve, insert, update, and remove information. The Data Access layer doesn t actually manage or store the data; it merely provides an interface between the business logic and the database. Data access gets its own logical layer for much the same reason that the presentation is split from the UI. In some cases, data access will occur on a machine that s physically separate from the one on which the UI and/or business logic is running. In other cases, data access code will run on the same machine as the business logic (or even the UI) in order to improve performance or fault tolerance.
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You may be able to use the pivot table s Show Details feature to re-create the source data: 1. Ensure that none of the items in the visible fields are hidden. Each report filter field should have (All) selected, and the (Select All) item should be checked in each of the row and column fields. To clear all the filters, on the Ribbon s Options tab, in the Actions group, click Clear, and then click Clear Filters.
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public Server.DataPortalResult Delete( object criteria, Server.DataPortalContext context) { return Portal.Delete(criteria, context); } public bool IsServerRemote { get { return true; } } } In fact, the data methods themselves are identical. This is because the Portal property abstracts the creation of the portal object itself, and because .NET Remoting offers a feature called location transparency, which means code can call methods on a client-side proxy as though the methods were being called directly on the server-side object. The fact that the method call is actually relayed across the network is transparent to the client code. The Portal property itself uses Activator.GetObject() to create an instance of a .NET Remoting proxy for the server-side object: private Server.IDataPortalServer _portal; private Server.IDataPortalServer Portal { get { if (_portal == null) _portal = (Server.IDataPortalServer)Activator.GetObject( typeof(Server.Hosts.RemotingPortal), ApplicationContext.DataPortalUrl.ToString()); return _portal; } } The Activator.GetObject() call doesn t actually create an instance of a server-side object. It merely creates an instance of a client-side proxy for the server object. The server configuration controls how server-side objects are created, and in this case, one will be created for each method call from a client. The only other interesting bit of code is the static constructor, in which .NET Remoting is configured. A static constructor is guaranteed to run before any method on a class is invoked, including a regular constructor. In other words, this code will run before anything else runs within the RemotingProxy class. This ensures that .NET Remoting is configured before any other code runs in the proxy. The configuration of remoting is a bit complex, as it employs some optimizations. It sets up a custom configuration for the HttpChannel, making sure that the BinaryFormatter is used, rather than the default SoapFormatter. The code also ensures that the user s Windows credentials are passed across the network if Windows authentication is being used: // create and register a custom HTTP channel // that uses the binary formatter Hashtable properties = new Hashtable(); properties["name"] = "HttpBinary";
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Finding a Handler for an Exception
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See 9 for details of returning results from methods.
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Creating the Model
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Mary Jones, Age 19, Major: History
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Step 1: Configure the Web Service to Use WSE 2.0
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Surf the Web.
Performing Queries without Results
New Value
I ll be talking a lot about simplicity because simplicity was, and still is, the overall design goal of Deep Green. In the context of software development, I define simplicity as follows: simplicity = beauty (how things look) + elegance (how things work) That is, a high degree of simplicity requires a high degree of beauty and elegance. You can develop a beautiful application without it being elegant, and vice versa, but in order to create a truly simplistic application, you need to maximize and marry both beauty and elegance. So, why is simplicity important, why should we developers care, and why do our users care Well, we should care exactly for that reason: because our users care. They may not know they do, however. In fact, I ll argue that most users think they want features. Features can be quantified, measured, and compared. And that s what users can express their need for. But underneath the desire for features is something bigger. Control. I believe what we all want as software users is the feeling of being in control. If we re in control, we ll be able to focus on what s important. We ll have more time with pure enjoyment. Simplicity is the means for creating the feeling of control. A good example of the opposite, in my opinion, is Microsoft Word. It offers an amazing amount of features, out of which I m guessing the average user may use 10 percent. You find yourself frustrated over and over, because you can t find the feature you want it s buried in that 90 percent you don t use. Which few buttons in the countless numbers of toolbars are relevant to you at any given moment It s very hard to tell. You often find yourself browsing around for the relevant functionality. You re out of control. You re having a bad user experience.
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