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Figure 12-24. Adding the Call Rules shape 3. Switch over to the Properties window for CallRules_1, and you ll see that BizTalk is upset that you have yet to modify the Configure Policy property. Click the ellipsis for this property and select the business rule that you deployed. 4. Before you close the configuration window, you ll need to add the message as a parameter. After all, you need to give the BRE something to work with, right Click the empty row within the parameter section, and your options will be crystal clear (there should only be one), as shown in Figure 12-25.
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Note Static members exist even if there are no instances of the class. If a static field has an initializer, the
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Figure 6-5. Vertex shader vs. per-pixel lighting Focus on the roof of the cube, corresponding to the line between vertices 2 and 4 at the right part of Figure 6-5. Using per-vertex lighting, the shading is calculated in vertices 2 and 4. At vertex 4, not a lot of light is received because the normal in vertex 4 is almost perpendicular to the direction of the light. Say it is 20 percent lit. Vertex 2 receives more light, because its normal direction is almost the same as the light direction; let s say it is 80 percent lit. As in pervertex shading, this shading is interpolated over the pixels of the triangle, and all the pixels between these two vertices receive an amount that is an interpolation between 80 percent and 20 percent. This way, none of the pixels can be 100 percent lit. However, somewhere between vertices 2 and 4 is a pixel in which the normal is exactly along the direction of the light! This normal is indicated in the right part of Figure 6-5. Clearly, this pixel should be 100 percent lit, while using per-vertex lighting the pixels can receive a lighting only between 80 percent and 20 percent.
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Figure 4-16. Apply Rule To options in the Edit Formatting Rule dialog box The Selected cells option works in many cases, but when you rearrange the pivot table, the conditional formatting may not adjust correctly. In your pivot table, incorrect cells may be formatted because they are within the range of cells to which the rule is applied. In this example, the second option, All Cells Showing Sum of Sales Values, might also include too many cells, such as subtotals, and Grand Totals. The third option, All Cells Showing Sum of Sales Values for Date and Product, is the best option for this pivot table. It restricts the formatting to cells where the Date and Product values appear, and it excludes the subtotals and the Grand Totals. 5. Select the third option, All Cells Showing Sum of Sales Values for Date and Product. 6. Click OK, twice, to close the two dialog boxes. The conditional formatting is now applied correctly, to the individual value cells. The Grand Total cells are not formatted, and their values are not included in the average calculation. You can send the modified report to the sales manager, and go for a well-earned lunch break before the meeting starts.
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Just like classic C++, C++/CLI supports passing parameters by value and by reference. Let s review how this works in classic C++, as in Listing 4-19. Passing a parameter by value means that the function gets a copy of the value, so any operations don t affect the original object. Passing a parameter by reference means that the object is not copied; instead, the function gets the original object, which may consequently be modified. In C++, parameters passed with a reference (&) to an object are passed by reference. That is to say, the object is not copied, and any changes made to the object in the function are reflected in the object after the function returns. Listing 4-19. Passing by Value and by Reference in Classic C++ // parameter_passing.cpp void byvalue(int i) { i += 1; } void byref(int& i) { i += 1; } int main() { int j = 10; System::Console::WriteLine("Original value: " + j); byvalue(j); System::Console::WriteLine("After byvalue: " + j); byref(j); System::Console::WriteLine("After byref: " + j); } The output of Listing 4-19 is Original value: 10 After byvalue: 10 After byref: 11 because only the version that passes the parameter by reference actually affects the value of j in the enclosing scope. Figure 4-2 shows the basic characteristics of passing by value and by reference.
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Declares a method called Main as a member of class Program. In this program, Main is the only member of the Program class. Main is a special function used by the compiler as the starting point of the program
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C H A P T E R 11
app\app.xaml css\screen.css Not provided
A one-dimensional array of elements of the data type. int[] intArray = {1, 2, 3}; ListInts( intArray );
The base RuleArgs object has a PropertyName property that provides the rule method with the name of the property to be validated. It also includes a Description property that the rule method should set for a broken rule to describe why the rule was broken. Table 11-3 lists the methods in the CommonRules module.
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Module Linking Through Round-Tripping
The optimizer is complex. Making modifications to optimizer parameters willy-nilly is not advisable, because the implications may be far-reaching beyond the intended scope. You must ascertain the impact (costs and benefits) to the execution and resource utilization of all important SQL statements in your application before making changes to optimizer parameters. This applies doubly for underscore ( _ ) parameters. Also, it becomes risky to remove these parameters after the settings have been used in a production environment, because the impact of doing so is not easily identifiable. Parameters may need to be removed to allow some classes of SQL statements to execute more efficiently, yet doing so may penalize the performance of others.
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