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Metadata Tables Organization
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The use cases provide for the idea that a user could start by identifying a resource rather than a project. In this case, the user can still associate a project with the resource by selecting a project. This implies that the Resource object has a collection of projects to which the resource is assigned. The object model thus far represents this collection as ResourceAssignments. Let s consider the behaviors and information for the ResourceAssignments collection and the items it would contain. In this case, the user starts with a Resource and wants to assign the resource to a project. So, the ResourceAssignments object will have a couple of behaviors: listing the projects to which the resource is assigned and assigning the resource to a new project. This can probably be handled by an AssignTo() method that accepts the Id property of a Project. The items in ResourceAssignments have the behavior of returning information about the project assigned to the resource. The information of value to a user is likely the following: Project ID Project name Date assigned to the project Role of the resource on the project Figure 3-6 shows the potential ResourceAssignments object and what its items might look like.
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If you re using a database other than SQL Server 2008 Express, you should translate the table creation and stored procedures to fit with your environment. You can find the database, table, and stored procedure scripts in the PTData project in the Source Code/Download area on the Apress website (www.apress.com) and from www.lhotka.net/cslanet/download.aspx.
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Listing 8-8. Socket Callback Function to Deal with Accepting Connections
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Figure 10-7. A namespace can be spread across source files and compiled to a single assembly.
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Public Sub New(ByVal employeeId As String) MyBase.New(GetType(MyBusinessClass)) _employeeId = employeeId End Sub End Class All criteria classes are constructed by using one of these two schemes or by creating a class that implements the ICriteria interface directly. Nested criteria classes are scoped as Private, because they are needed only within the context of the business class. The ICriteria interface and CriteriaBase class are typically used by codegeneration tools, in which case the class is typically scoped more broadly so that it is available either project-wide or even to the UI.
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You can temporarily hide a calculated item, and then show it again later, or you can permanently remove the calculated item from the pivot table. To temporarily remove a calculated item, follow these steps: 1. Click the drop-down arrow in the calculated item s Row Labels cell. 2. Remove the check mark from the calculated item, and then click OK.
Adding a Schema
The Saved event provides a solution because it is a standard, centralized, event that provides this notification. Any code holding a reference to a business object can handle the Saved event. That code will be notified when that object has been saved. The code can then update its reference to use the new object returned as a result of the Save() call.
s Note To be fair, Windows DNA didn t mandate that the logical and physical models be the same. Unfortunately, almost all of the printed material (even the mousepads) surrounding Windows DNA included diagrams and pictures that illustrated the proper Windows DNA implementation as an intertwined blur of physical and logical architecture. Although some experienced architects were able to separate the concepts, many more didn t, and created some horrendous results.
The heart of chaining is the identification of dependencies. There are three ways that dependencies can be identified in our rules: Implicit: These are what we saw earlier. The Rules engine walked our ruleset before executing any rules and identified situations where a value used in the condition of one rule is modified in the action of another rule. This represents an implicit dependency. There s not much more to implicit dependencies so we won t go any further. Most of the time, this is what you ll use. Attribute-based: Used when a rule invokes a method. Because of the potential web of dependencies and interrelations once code starts stepping into method calls, this mechanism allows a developer to explicitly identify how methods should be accounted for when determining ruleset dependencies. We ll delve more deeply into this in the next section.
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