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Summarizing How to Use the INavigationContentLoader Interface
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<value> 0x8000 | <value> 0xC0000000 | <value>
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Figure 2-1. The Blend IDE Figure 2-2 shows an isolated view of the toolbar. I cover some of the tools in more depth than others in this chapter, because I discuss some of the others in greater depth in later chapters. To get started, go ahead and create a new Silverlight project:
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A descender is the part of a lowercase letter that extends below the baseline. Letters with descenders are g, j, p, q, and y. Note that this is similar as extending above the x-height.
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Webcam and microphone integration
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The IEnumerable Interface
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Addressing scheme used to resolve addresses. Valid values from the AddressFamily enumeration are Unknown, Unspecified, InterNetwork (for IPv4), and InterNetworkV6 (for IPv6). AddressFamily is initially specified when a socket is created. .Gets a value that indicates whether a Socket is connected to a remote host as of the last operation. Returns true if the Socket was connected to a remote resource as of the most recent operation; otherwise, false. Gets or sets a Boolean value that specifies whether the Socket is using the Nagle algorithm. Returns false if the Socket uses the Nagle algorithm; otherwise, true. The default is false. The Nagle algorithm reduces network traffic by causing the socket to buffer packets for up to 200 milliseconds and then combines and sends them in one packet. Static property; indicates whether IPv4 addressing is supported on the current host. Static property; indicates whether IPv6 addressing is supported on the current host. Defines the protocol used by Socket. At present it supports only TCP. Possible values are Tcp, Unspecified, and Unknown.
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8-bit unsigned integer 8-bit unsigned integer 16-bit unsigned integer 16-bit unsigned integer 32-bit signed integer 32-bit unsigned integer 64-bit signed integer 64-bit unsigned integer Single-precision float Double-precision float Boolean Unicode character Decimal value with 28-significant-digit precision
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