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The second type of encryption available is encryption for data at rest the data in our datafiles. This type of encryption is employed exclusively to protect our database against theft. Suppose you had a database on a portable device, such as a laptop, and that laptop was stolen or lost. Further, suppose this laptop contained sensitive data, such as identifying information (social security numbers, credit card numbers, addresses) or sensitive information, such as patient diagnoses, employee reviews, and the like. If this missing laptop was found by someone other than the owner and accessed, all of this information would be available to the person in control of the laptop. This is not a hypothetical might happen someday scenario; this exact situation has occurred many times in real life already. Unless the information was protected in some way, encrypted in some fashion, it would be freely available to anyone that stole your database. Or consider someone that breaks into your server, into the physical machine in your data center hosting the database. They could steal your database (your datafiles) without your knowledge. Upon restoring that database on their own machines, and upon assuming the SYSDBA identity (the all-powerful account), they could access any data in any table in any manner they wanted if the data is unencrypted.
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Figure 5-4. Anatomy of a pulse The constructor looks like the InputPort one, but with an additional parameter interrupt of the type Port.InterrupMode. public InterruptPort(Cpu.Pin portId, bool glitchFilter, Port.ResistorMode resistor, Port.InterruptMode interrupt); InterruptMode indicates on what you want to trigger. Figure 5-5 shows how the interrupt modes apply to a pulse. public enum InterruptMode { InterruptNone, InterruptEdgeLow, InterruptEdgeHigh, InterruptEdgeBoth, InterruptEdgeLevelHigh, InterruptEdgeLevelLow }
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Data Constants Declaration
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Figure 4-11. Combine multiple textures into one for optimal performance.
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// read and print out the Engine.EngineCapacity field of both objects // and the local variable Console.WriteLine("--- Values After Change ---"); Console.WriteLine("Local EngineSpec Variable: {0}", spec.EngineCapacity); Console.WriteLine("myCar field value: {0}", myCar.Engine.EngineCapacity); Console.WriteLine("joesCar field value: {0}", joesCar.Engine.EngineCapacity); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } After creating the two VolvoC30 objects, I print out the value of EngineCapacity field from the local variable and both of the objects. I then change the value of the EngineCapcity field in the local variable and print out the three EngineCapacity values again. Compiling and running this code produces the following results: --- Values Before Change --Local EngineSpec Variable: 2000 myCar field value: 2000 joesCar field value: 2000 --- Values After Change --Local EngineSpec Variable: 2500 myCar field value: 2500 joesCar field value: 2500 Press enter to finish You can see that even though I made only one change, all three values report the new number. To understand what has happened here, we need to look at the references between the objects I created; these are illustrated by Figure 6-8. When you copy a reference type, you get a copy of the reference, not the object that is referred to. When I created a EngineSpec object, I assigned a reference to the local variable spec. That was one reference. When I used the value of the spec variable as a constructor parameter to the two VolvoC30 objects, each object received its own copy of the reference, but all three references pointed to the same object the one I created in this statement:
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focus() scrollIntoView() removeCSSClass(String className) toggleCSSClass(String className)
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Starting iTunes
The correct analysis and solution for a particular latch contention depend upon the type of latch involved in the contention. The following sections explore some commonly encountered latch contention problems. Possible remedies are given to correct the problems.
--- Car Details --Car Owner: Adam Freeman Car Color: Black Gas Mileage: 30 mpg VolvoSoundSystem: High Performance Press enter to finish You can see that we have the output from the base method and the output from the derived method. With just a few lines of code, we have been able to create a derived class that adds features that are specialized to a specific subclass of objects and that inherits the characteristics and features of the base class.
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