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bool Nullable<DateTime>
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Figure 4-5. Set your streaming music to these settings for optimal performance.
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public override bool OnStart() { ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit = 12; DiagnosticMonitor.Start("DiagnosticsConnectionString"); RoleEnvironment.Changing += RoleEnvironmentChanging; return base.OnStart(); } }
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Now we will find that the file exists and we can review its contents: ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> host ls -l demo1.bad -rw-r--r-1 ORA11GR2 ORA11GR2 ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> host cat demo1.bad ABC,XYZ,Hello But how can we programmatically inspect these bad records and the log that is generated Fortunately, that is easy to do by using yet another external table. Suppose we set up this external table: ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> create table et_bad 2 ( text1 varchar2(4000) , 3 text2 varchar2(4000) , 4 text3 varchar2(4000) 5 ) 6 organization external 7 (type oracle_loader 8 default directory SYS_SQLLDR_XT_TMPDIR_00000 9 access parameters 14 Jul 17 10:53 demo1.bad
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Abstract classes and interfaces are somewhat similar in functionality but have different uses in CLI programming. A class may implement many interfaces, but it can only be derived from one class. In a well-designed class library, the relationship between a derived class and an abstract base class is usually referred to as an is-a relationship. The interface relationship is slightly different a class that implements an interface has a relationship with the interface that might be described as as-a. Accessing an object of type R through a specific interface I is equivalent to treating the object of type R as an I. You could also say that implementing an interface is like fulfilling a contract. Interfaces generally encapsulate some aspect of the behavior of an object, not the identity of an object as an abstract base class does. A quick glance at the .NET Framework interface shows that many have the -ible or -able suffix: IEnumerable,
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Using the MemoryStream Class
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In the pivot table s source data, you changed a column heading from Qty to Quantity, and when you refreshed the pivot table, the Qty field disappeared from the pivot table layout. This wasn t replaced by the Quantity field, even though it s in the same place in the source data. You had to add the Quantity field to the pivot table layout again, and reapply the number formatting you had previously applied. This problem is based on the FieldNames.xlsx sample workbook.
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You can avoid some of the uncertainty of finalization by using a slightly different technique called disposal. To use disposal, your class must implement the System.IDisposable interface. Listing 18-3 demonstrates a class that implements this interface. Listing 18-3. Implementing the IDisposable Interface using System; class MyClass : IDisposable { public MyClass() { // constructor statements Console.WriteLine("Constructor called"); } public void DoSomeWork() { Console.WriteLine("Doing some work..."); } public void Dispose() { // disposal statements Console.WriteLine("Dispose method called"); } } The System.IDisposable interface defines a single method, called Dispose. When we are done with an object created from the MyClass class, we can call the Dispose method to release any resources that the object has been using. Here is an example: using System; class DisposalTest { static void Main(string[] args) { // create a new MyClass object MyClass myClass = new MyClass(); // do some work with the object we created myClass.DoSomeWork(); // call the dispose method myClass.Dispose(); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } }
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Fetch 6675 ------- -----total 6685 Rows ------20001 20001
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6. Hold down Control and click the top, smaller Path first and then the second, larger Path so
Figure 2-1. XML validation path
Again, these breakdowns are not limited to the Workflow experience. They are, however, part and parcel of what our end users will experience as they interact with our workflows and so you should keep them in mind. As mentioned earlier, we ll burn a few cycles in 9 looking to improve the integration of Office 2003 with the Office Workflow Experience (not to be confused with the Jimi Hendrix Experience). We won t bring Office 2003 up to the same level as Office 2007, but we will smooth out some of the rough edges.
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