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Render DataMatrix in Objective-C MEMORY STRUCTURES

Note Because your window is only 2D, you could argue you don t need the third coordinate in the position
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later in the chapter.
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Caution Use undocumented parameters only at the request of Oracle Support. Their use can be damaging to a
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What isn t immediately obvious from Figure 9-4 is that the main region of the form contains a Panel control. All the user controls are actually contained within this Panel control rather than MainForm
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Predicate functors in some ways are similar to comparer functors when testing an object for a go or no-go condition. The difference is that predicate functors return either a true or false value. You use a predicate functor to test an object to see if it meets certain conditions. Following is the definition of the delegate for the predicate functor: public delegate bool DelegatePredicate< type>( type input);
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Before an event can be defined, you must either choose an existing event handler delegate or define a new one. The choice of an event handler delegate depends on the information that should be passed with the callback. If no special information is passed, the delegate System::EventHandler can be used: public delegate void EventHandler(Object^ sender, EventArgs^ ea); The type EventArgs does not have instance-specific properties or fields. Therefore, no information is passed with an EventArgs object. Its only purpose is to ensure that the EventHandler delegate follows the common pattern for event handler delegates. If you want to support a cancellation option, you can use the System::ComponentModel::CancelEventHandler instead: public delegate void CancelEventHandler(Object^ sender, CancelEventArgs^ ea); It is a common pattern to define a new type XXXEventArgs that is derived from System::EventArgs for a delegate named XXXEventHandler. The type CancelEventArgs follows this pattern because it is used in the signature of the CancelEventHandler delegate. The CancelEventArgs class has the Boolean property Cancel, which can be set to true in an event handler implementation to indicate that an operation should be canceled. For the PageDumped event, there should be a cancellation option, and the current page number should be passed. Therefore, a custom event handler delegate can be defined as follows: public ref class PageDumpedEventArgs : public CancelEventArgs // property Cancel inherited { int pagesDumped; internal: PageDumpedEventArgs(int _pagesDumped) : pagesDumped(_pagesDumped) {} public: property int PagesDumped { int get() { return pagesDumped; }
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Naming Conventions
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An Event Has a Private Delegate ........................................................................................................393
Defines the x coordinate of the center of rotation of the object you rotate. The default value is 0.5 (center of object). Value range is between 0 and 1; 0 represents one edge of the object, and 1 represents the opposite edge. Defines the y coordinate of the center of rotation of the object you rotate. The default value is 0.5 (center of object). Value range is between 0 to 1; 0 represents one edge of the object, and 1 represents the opposite edge.
Figure 7-1. The original common architectures for Component Services We ll take a look at how support for Component Services is grafted onto the .NET Framework over the course of the chapter. First, let s take a quick look at why you would be tempted to create configured components in the first place. Table 7-1 lists some of the features of COM+. Table 7-1. Features You Can Leverage from the Components Services Hosting Environment
Values of type float occupy 32 bits, and values of type double occupy 64 bits. When a double is rounded to a float, the double type value is rounded to the nearest float type value. Figure 18-14 illustrates the conversion conditions. If the value is too small to be represented by a float, the value is set to either positive or negative 0. If the value is too large to be represented by a float, the value is set to either positive or negative infinity.
IFieldData and IFieldData<T> Interfaces
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