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Underlying Types and Values
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Query a database using LINQ to Entities. Work with data related through a foreign-key relationship. Avoid separate queries for related data when processing LINQ query results. Create a parameterized LINQ query that can be reused. Query a database view.
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Generic interfaces allow you to write interfaces where the parameters and return types of interface members are generic type parameters. Generic interface declarations are similar to non-generic interface declarations, but have the type parameter list in angle brackets after the interface name. For example, the following code declares a generic interface called IMyIfc that declares a single method. Generic class Trivial implements the generic interface. Main instantiates two objects of the generic class: one with type int, and the other with type string. Type parameter interface IMyIfc<T> { T ReturnIt(T inValue); } Type parameter Generic interface class Trivial<S> : IMyIfc<S> { public S ReturnIt(S inValue) { return inValue; } }
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Figure 10-4. The data returned by GetProviderFactories, listing the installed Managed Providers on the system In Figure 10-4, you can see the data contained in the DataTable returned by GetObjectFactories, including all of the invariant names of the providers, which you can use to create instances of the factory for a specific provider. All of the installed providers are registered in the machine.config under a new element named DbProviderFactories. <> <DbProviderFactories> <add name="Odbc Data Provider" invariant="System.Data.Odbc" description=".Net Framework Data Provider for Odbc" type="System.Data.Odbc.OdbcFactory, System.Data, Version=..." /> <add name="OleDb Data Provider" invariant="System.Data.OleDb" description=".Net Framework Data Provider for OleDb" type="System.Data.OleDb.OleDbFactory, System.Data, Version=..." /> <add name="OracleClient Data Provider" invariant="System.Data.OracleClient" description=".Net Framework Data Provider for Oracle" type="System.Data.OracleClient.OracleClientFactory, System.Data..." /> <add name="SqlClient Data Provider" invariant="System.Data.SqlClient" description=".Net Framework Data Provider for SqlServer" type="System.Data.SqlClient.SqlClientFactory, System.Data, Version=..." /> <add name="SQL Server CE Data Provider" invariant="Microsoft.SqlServerCe.Client" support="3F7"
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Figure 6-2. A tracking handle referring to a managed object The type identifier is initialized to the concrete type of the new instance before any constructors are called. This implies that the most derived virtual functions are called even during construction time. As a consequence, an overriding function can access uninitialized fields because the constructor of the overriding class has not finished yet. The following code shows how virtual function calls on partly constructed managed types can cause a problem: // ctorVirtCall.cpp // cl /clr:safe ctorVirtCall.cpp
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Figure 24-3. The cancellation window for Listing 24-11 In Listing 24-11, there is no way for the user to interrupt the first block of work so she must press the Enter key during the first block to cancel the Task before the second block of work commences. This creates a relatively narrow window for canceling the Task. There is a balance to be struck between checking too frequently (and compromising performance) and checking too infrequently (reducing the opportunities the user has to cancel a Task). The appropriate balance will be different for each program (and often differ for different kinds of Task in the same program).
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Although VS2010 contains excellent design time support for WPF and Silverlight, if you make many aesthetic changes or are a designer you are probably better off using Blend 3. Blend 3 also contains a great feature called SketchFlow that allows you to produce prototype applications (see Figure 15-33):
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As you can see in both tables, calls across managed-unmanaged boundaries produced by C++/CLI can be more than 500 percent slower than calls without transitions. However, unless you have a large number of transitions, this overhead can likely be ignored. The difference in overhead between the 10 million calls to fManagedLocal from native callers (~2.12s) and the 10 million calls from managed callers (~0.32s) is about 1.8 seconds. In addition to the measured time, both tables also show the transitions that occur in the different scenarios. For example, for the direct call to fManagedLocal from managed code, the text M M shows that a call from managed code to managed code has occurred. Cells with the text U M indicate an unmanaged-to-managed transition. Likewise, M U stands for a managed-to-unmanaged transition. For the indirect call to fManagedLocal from managed code, the text M U M indicates a transition from managed code to unmanaged code and back to managed code. This is the double-thunking scenario discussed earlier. In addition to the double-thunking case, Table 92 also shows the cost for an indirect method call with a __clrcall function pointer, which can prevent double thunking, as discussed earlier. As you can see, double thunking can easily increase the costs for method calls by more than 600 percent. Table 9-3 shows similar results for the double-thunking problem related to virtual function calls.
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Error Message
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PE Header
As you saw in the previous section, when you register your class, you can specify the base class type from which your class derives. One of the goals of Atlas is to make your JavaScript easier to read and debug, and inheritance is a useful methodology to prevent replication of member variables and methods amongst your classes, helping you achieve this goal. This is probably best demonstrated by example. Earlier you created a Car class for a generic car. Lots of different types of cars exist; for example, a sports utility vehicle (SUV) is different from a sports car in that it will usually have a four-wheel drive (4WD) and the sports car will not. If you want to implement car classes, where you will query the type of 4WD the car has, it makes sense to have a subclass of Car called SUV that has a 4WD property.
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