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namespace MFEmulator1 { class Program : Emulator { public override void SetupComponent() { GpioPort gpioPort = new GpioPort(); gpioPort.ComponentId = "myGpio"; gpioPort.Pin = (Cpu.Pin)5;
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containing XML types for managed types defined in the assembly. This tool, as well as all other tools that load an assembly dynamically, cannot be used with mixed-code EXE files. (Notice that this restriction applies only to mixed-code EXE files. It does not to apply to mixed-code DLLs, nor to EXE files built with /clr:pure or /clr:safe.) The component designers in Visual Studio also try to load the project output dynamically. Since this is not supported for mixed-code EXE files, the component designers have limited functionality if you try to edit components in mixed-code EXE projects. However, instead of compiling an existing project with /clr:pure, you should consider factoring the code that requires the component designer out into a separate DLL.
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The TCP relay binding offers the best performance and throughput. That supports request-response operation, one-way operation, and event duplex callback.
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Function-Based Indexes
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Let s take a look at how the Login pane realizes this functionality. The Login pane, along with many of the others, is actually implemented on the master page. This makes sense because you should be able to log in from anywhere. If you view the page Default.master in the ASP .NET designer, you ll see something like Figure 7-13.
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Filtering File and Directory Results
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The n-level undo functionality provided by CSLA .NET is very flexible and powerful. It is also designed to incur no overhead if it isn t used. Many web applications or service-oriented applications don t need this feature so pay no cost in terms of performance. Virtually all Windows Forms and WPF applications use at least the support provided for data binding and can choose to leverage the more powerful features for certain types of user interface. Although the implementation of undo is quite complex and must deal with many edge cases, thanks to data binding and changes to the .NET Framework over the years, the complexity is encapsulated within CSLA .NET. Business object and UI developers can use the abstract API exposed by ISupportUndo or simply use data binding to interact with the undo functionality. You may have noticed that there are numerous points in BusinessListBase where methods are called to maintain index maps. This is required for LINQ to CSLA, which is the topic of 14.
Since it is quite impossible to manually define all points of a complex 3D object, these objects are created by artists in 3D modeling software packages. Such a model can be saved to a file. You want to be able to load such a model from a file and render the model to your XNA scene.
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