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The concept of a contract is a core foundation to WCF. Address and binding are also important pieces, but they track closer to an administrator s set of responsibilities. Contracts, on the other hand, are firmly rooted in the developer s space. WCF defines three different types of contracts: Service contract: As we mentioned earlier, this defines the service operations and the input and output parameters of each operation. Every service must have one associated service contract and may have more. Data contract: This defines the data structure WCF uses to serialize and deserialize an instance of a complex type. Data contracts must be associated with every complex type exposed by a service operation as parameters or return values. Message contract: This enables you to explicitly define the layout of a message; for example, what goes in the header versus what goes in the body of the message. The following sections provide some more details about each of the contract types.
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} The Authorization Rules region contains the standard static methods discussed earlier for editable root objects. Since collection objects don t have detailed properties, there s no need or support for the AddAuthorizationRules() method. The Factory Methods region implements factory methods to create, retrieve, and (optionally) delete the collection. The create method simply uses the new keyword to create an instance of the collection. There s no need to load default values for the collection itself. The retrieve and delete methods rely on the data portal to do much of the work, ultimately delegating the call to the appropriate DataPortal_XYZ method. In the Data Access region, the DataPortal_Fetch() method is responsible for getting the data from the database, typically via a data reader. It then calls the static factory method of the child class for each row in the data reader, thereby allowing each child object to load its data. The static factory method in the child class calls its own private constructor to actually load the data from the data reader. The DataPortal_Update() method must loop through all the child objects contained in the deleted object collection, calling each object s DeleteSelf() method in turn. An alternative is to have the collection object dynamically generate a SQL statement to delete all the items in the DeleteList with a single call. The specific implementation is up to the business developer and may vary depending on the database design. Once the child objects have been deleted from the database, that list is cleared. Then the active child objects are either inserted or updated based on their IsNew property value.
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Dealing with Common Information
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Project managers or administrators must be able to remove projects. There is no need to keep historical data about deleted projects, so such data should be removed completely from the system. Users should just choose from a list of projects and confirm their choice, and the project should be removed.
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Now that you have a database connection, you need to create the EF classes: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Right-click the Models directory and select Add New Item. Select ADO.NET entity data model (under the Data tab) and call the file BobsMovies.edmx. Select Generate from database. Select the connection you created earlier or enter new connection details. Check the Tables box to add all the tables to the application. Set the model namespace as 13.BoxMoviesMVC.Model. Open BobsMovies.designer.cs. By default, Visual Studio will generate a context class with the same name as the example database. Expand the region where it says Contexts and rename the existing context class and its constructors to TheatreEntities.
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calls for the audit. The code creating the entry in the audit table follows (also in XAction.cs in the App_Code directory of the Web12 project). public void AuditItemUpdate(int itemId, int quantity) { using (TransactionScope tx = new TransactionScope(TransactionScopeOption.RequiresNew)) { string sql = "INSERT INTO InventoryAudit(InventoryID, Quantity, AttemptDate) " + "VALUES (@InventoryID, @Quantity, @AttemptDate)"; SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection(connStr); SqlCommand cm = new SqlCommand(sql, cn); cm.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@InventoryID", SqlDbType.Int)).Value = itemId; cm.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@Quantity", SqlDbType.Int)).Value = quantity; cm.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@AttemptDate", SqlDbType.DateTime)).Value = DateTime.Now; cn.Open(); cm.ExecuteNonQuery(); cn.Close(); tx.Complete(); } } Here you ll notice that the transaction option selected when creating the TransactionScope instance is RequiresNew. This breaks the work done in this method out into its own transaction. Since you want the audit to persist regardless of the outcome of the containing transaction, this work is done independent from the transaction of the caller. Using TransactionOption.Suppress would have the some effect, except the work done within this method would occur without a transaction at all. The entire transaction is then managed by this orchestration method, which gets handed a hash table of inventory IDs and quantities. (See XActionHost.aspx in the Web12 project.) private void PlaceOrder(int CustomerID, DateTime OrderDate, Hashtable OrderItems) { XAction dalTx = new XAction(); int OrderId = GetNextOrderID(); bool bSuccess = true; using (TransactionScope tx = new TransactionScope()) { dalTx.AddOrder(OrderId, CustomerID, DateTime.Now); foreach(int ItemId in OrderItems.Keys)
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The RotateTransform class is used to rotate the entire element undergoing transformation. This transform has three important properties for specifying how the rotation is performed: Angle, CenterX, and CenterY. The CenterX and CenterY properties specify which point the rotation is done around. The top left of an element is (0,0), as illustrated in Figure 9-8, and it is around this point that rotation is done by default.
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You might have contact information for the sender of the email message in another app on the phone. With the iPod touch, it's easy to link these contacts together. In this example, Steve, the sender of the email message, is one of my LinkedIn contacts, but he's not a contact on my iPod touch. Here's how I can link his contact information in my iPod touch to the information I have in LinkedIn: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. I add him to my contacts, as shown previously. I start up my LinkedIn app see 22: "Social Networking" for more information on the topic. I find my contact information for Steve to verify that he is in my LinkedIn app. I go to the Connections icon. I choose Download All in the top right-hand corner. The LinkedIn app then informs me that this will add the photo, current company and title, email addresses, and web sites associated with this contact (see Figure 15 4). This is exactly what I want in my iPod touch contacts, so I choose Download All New Connections. Steve s picture and updated information are then brought into his contact information on my iPod touch.
The virtual modifier is applied to methods and properties to indicate that derived types can use the override modifier to provide more specialized implementations.
To access other sections of the paper, touch the More button in the lower-right corner.
and also generates the event handler method stub. Your code should look like the following:
Figure 17-5. Multiple interfaces implemented by the same class member
0x20, 0x25, 0x31,
Figure 1-9 illustrates a generic messaging flow. Don t get too hung up on the diagram just yet. As you progress through this book, it will all make sense.
Windows-Based Authentication
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