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CHAPTER 3: Rapid Game Development Using (Mostly) Standard C
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Action = "urn:IShoppingCartService/Ping" Body Name = "CreateShoppingCartServiceBusMessage" Body Path = "OutXml" ConnectionMode = "Multicast" URL = "sb://" 8. Now we have all the necessary information for the workflow design and are ready to deploy to the Microsoft data center. Right-click on the workflow design surface to bring up the Workflow Cloud Deployment dialog box, and enter your credential information. Go to and verify that the workflow has been successfully deployed to Microsoft as shown in Figure 7-4.
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Throwing Meaningful Exceptions
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Figure 25-2. The anatomy of an asynchronous Begin method When you call a Begin method, the statements in the method are executed in parallel, just as though you had created a Task. When the statements have been executed and the result is ready, the method that you named as the callback will be called. The callback method can have any name, but must return void and take an IAsyncResult as its sole parameter. The callback method in Listing 25-2 is GetHostEntryCallback, which has the following definition:
Entry Name
Figure 10-2. The anatomy of an anonymous method An anonymous method has a number of similarities to a named method. You can see the parameters and code block in Figure 10-2 are just like those you would get in a regular method. There is no method identifier (because there is no method name), and you must use the delegate keyword when defining an anonymous method. Using an anonymous method as a delegate is just like using a named method, as you can see from Listing 10-21. I used the += operator to add the anonymous method to the event in the Calculator class. When the event invokes the delegate, the statements in the anonymous method body are executed, just as would happen for a regular method. If we compile and run the code in Listing 10-21, we get the following results: Anonymous Calc: 20 x 40 = 800 Press enter to finish
Exceptions and Parallel LINQ
The WebClient class defines a set of properties that you can use to configure the request. The most commonly used properties are described in Table 21-2. Table 21.2. WebClient Configuration Properties
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