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Figure 6-15. Dragging fields in Classic PivotTable layout When you enable the Classic PivotTable layout option, the pivot table s report layout automatically changes to Tabular form. You can use this layout, or the Outline form, with the Classic PivotTable layout. If you change the layout to Compact form, the blue outlines of the pivot table areas are still visible on the worksheet when the pivot table is active. However, you won t be able to drag-and-drop the fields within the pivot table layout on the worksheet.
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10. Select each additional ListBoxItem, right-click it, select Edit Template
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s Note The types of presentation technologies continue to multiply, and each comes with a new and relatively incompatible technology with which we must work. It s virtually impossible to create a programming framework that entirely abstracts presentation concepts. Because of this, the architecture and framework will merely support the creation of varied presentations, not automate their creation. Instead, the focus will be on simplifying the other tiers in the architecture, for which technology is more stable.
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Overriding a Method Marked override
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Set HostWCFService as the startup project and run from Visual Studio by pressing F5. When the service host icon shows from the system tray as in Figure 4-6 and the instance is shown in the local fabric as shown in Figure 4-7, start Internet Explorer and enter http://localhost:8080/UserRegisterService in the address bar to retrieve the metadata from the service. The results are shown in Figure 4-8.
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Using a Task List Manager
With BusinessBase and BusinessListBase finished (at least for the time being), a business developer has the tools needed to build editable objects and collections. However, most applications also include a number of read-only objects and collections. An application might have a read-only object that contains system configuration data, or a read-only collection of ProductType objects that are used just for lookup purposes.
Figure 3-2. Posting a note via the Brightkite iPhone-optimized web application
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