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Figure 5-3. Load generation Select the Threads tab and sort the output by CPU. Assuming an idle system, the thread corresponding to your load generation session will be top of the list. Figure 5-4 shows the sorted list as it appears on my system while running this experiment.
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int main() { MakeObjects(); // Normally, you should avoid calling GC::Collect and forcing garbage // collection rather than letting the garbage collection thread determine // the best time to collect; I do it here to illustrate a point. GC::Collect(); } Here is the output of Listing 6-16: R R R R R R R R R R R R R R constructor 0 constructor 1 constructor 2 constructor 3 constructor 4 constructor 5 constructor 6 destructor 0 finalizer 5 finalizer 6 finalizer 4 finalizer 3 finalizer 2 finalizer 1
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Web Services Enhancements 2.0
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Neither option is very appealing. Both imply that you lose data. If you had been executing in ARCHIVELOG mode, on the other hand, you simply would have found another disk and restored the affected files from Saturday s backup onto it. Then, you would have applied the archived redo logs and, ultimately, the online redo logs to them (in effect replaying the week s worth of transactions in fastforward mode). You lose nothing. The data is restored to the point of the failure. People frequently tell me they don t need ARCHIVELOG mode for their production systems. I have yet to meet anyone who was correct in that statement. I believe that a system is not a production system unless it is in ARCHIVELOG mode. A database that is not in ARCHIVELOG mode will, some day, lose data. It is inevitable; you will lose data (not might, but will) if your database is not in ARCHIVELOG mode. We are using RAID-5, so we are totally protected is a common excuse. I ve seen cases where, due to a manufacturing error, all disks in a RAID set froze, all at about the same time. I ve seen cases where the hardware controller introduced corruption into the data files, so people safely protected corrupt data with their RAID devices. RAID also does not do anything to protect you from operator error, one of the
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For instance, a SelectObject event handler may look like this: protected void CustomerDataSource_SelectObject( object sender, Csla.Web.SelectObjectArgs e) { e.BusinessObject = Customer.NewCustomer(); } Notice that SelectObjectArgs defines a BusinessObject property, which must be set to the object that is to be used as a data source. A typical UpdateObject event handler is a bit different: protected void CustomerDataSource_UpdateObject( object sender, Csla.Web.UpdateObjectArgs e) { Customer obj = Customer.GetCustomer(e.Keys["Id"].ToString()); Csla.Data.DataMapper.Map(e.Values, obj); obj.Save(); e.RowsAffected = 1; } The e.Keys value is a name/value list of key values. The Id key value is used to load the customer object from the database, and then the DataMapper class is used to map the values from e.Values (another name/value list) to the properties of the object. If you wanted to implement a type of field-level concurrency, the e.OldValues list contains the values from the data source when the form was loaded. InsertObjectArgs exposes only e.Values, while DeleteObjectArgs exposes only e.Keys. The usage of both these events is comparable to UpdateObject: protected void CustomerDataSource_InsertObject( object sender, Csla.Web.InsertObjectArgs e) { Customer obj = Customer.NewCustomer(); Csla.Data.DataMapper.Map(e.Values, obj); obj.Save(); e.RowsAffected = 1; } protected void CustomerDataSource_DeleteObject( object sender, Csla.Web.DeleteObjectArgs e) { Customer obj = Customer.DeleteCustomer(e.Keys["Id"].ToString()); e.RowsAffected = 1; } All the custom EventArgs objects except SelectObjectArgs include a RowsAffected property that the event handler should set to indicate how many rows of data were affected by the operation. In 10, you ll see complete examples of these event handlers, including exception handling and the use of Session to reduce the number of hits on the database.
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MD160 SHA-1
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Use Policy Frameworks to Enforce Web Service Requirements with WS-Policy
In the preceding code segment, we have an instance of the HoverMenu extender with its PopupControlID property set to PopupMenu, which is the ID of the panel control containing the menu items displayed when a user hovers over an item in the GridView control. PopupPosition is set to Left, so a menu will appear to the left of the GridView row. With that in mind, take a look at the code for the PopupMenu panel.
Data Integration and Data Manipulation Controls
Reduced Administrative Burden
While 10 covers the new annotation support found in Java 6, some annotations are specific to JDBC, and so are covered here. There happen to be four new JDBC-related annotations added to Java 6.0: Select, Update, ResultColumn, and AutoGeneratedKeys.
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