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Determining Role Membership
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Although data binding can be used to bind against any object or any collection of homogeneous objects, there are some things that object developers can do to make data binding work better. Implementing these extra features enables data binding to do more work for us, and provide the user with a superior experience. The .NET DataSet object, for instance, implements these extra features in order to provide full data binding support to both Windows Forms and Web Forms developers.
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A BAM activity refers to the encapsulation and representation of an end-to-end process. This does not mean an instance of a single orchestration or messaging workflow. An activity could be a single process or a collection of many orchestrations or applications. A customer order workflow may involve a multitude of BizTalk orchestrations, with the message being bounced around from various corporate departments. The activity could simply be how long that order took to fulfill as a result of this complete work. Within the activity definition, you generally find two entities: Milestones represent how long it takes to process something. Data of interest is made up of individual data points that you want to monitor (price, stock level, and so on). By assembling the milestones and/or the data of interest, you collectively have a BAM activity.
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Figure 2-38. You now can click OK to create a new Resource Dictionary with the BlackToWhiteGradient in it.
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DllMain in native as well as mixed-code DLLs must be implemented with special care. If you do not follow certain rules, a deadlock can occur while a DLL is being loaded. DllMain is called either directly or indirectly via the DLL s PE entry point. Before calling the PE entry point of a DLL, the operating system s image loader acquires a special critical section with the famous name loader lock. This loader lock can affect the PE entry point itself as well as all functions that are directly or indirectly called by the PE entry point. In native DLL scenarios, these are typically __DllMainCRTStartup, DllMain, and all functions called by DllMain. For mixed-code
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Testing for Performance
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Now let s take a closer look at data binding using a WebDeveloper object. This will be a TwoWay data binding scenario, where changes done to the user interface will be reflected in the data source and vice versa. Figure 6-1 shows an interface where the same data is shown twice.
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What Happens If My Database Structure Changes
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public void PrintCarDetails() { System.Console.WriteLine("--System.Console.WriteLine("Car System.Console.WriteLine("Car System.Console.WriteLine("Gas } }
There are several important things to know about declaring optional parameters: Not all types of parameters can be used as optional parameters. You can use value types as optional parameters as long as the default value is determinable at compile time. You can only use a reference type as an optional parameter if the default value is null.
Another style you can change on the <div> element is the cursor that is used when the mouse hovers over it. You can do this in this example with a click of the button to toggle it between the default cursor and a hand cursor. The label indicates the status of the current cursor. You ll now look at how these controls are initialized. First the button you set this up by constructing a Sys.UI.Button control with cursorButton, which is the ID of the underlying HTML control: // Set up the buttons, and attach the click event var btnCursor = new Sys.UI.Button($('cursorButton')); btnCursor.initialize();; Then you assign the onCursorButtonClick function as the delegate event for when the user clicks the button. This function looks like this: function onCursorButtonClick() { if (g_panel.containsCssClass('special')) { g_panel.removeCssClass('special'); g_label.set_text("Regular cursor"); } else { g_panel.addCssClass('special'); g_label.set_text("Hand pointer cursor"); } }
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