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that are clearly not in sight of the camera because they are not inside the viewing frustum of the camera. More advanced solutions exist in the domain of occlusion culling, where the 3D world is divided into regions corresponding to the 3D world itself. For example, to store the objects inside a house, volumes corresponding to the rooms are used instead of symmetrical cubes. These rooms are connected to each other at positions corresponding to the doors. This way, you can perform checks to see whether a room is actually in sight of the camera or whether a wall or closed door is blocking the sight.
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out modifier out modifier MyMethod(out MyClass f1, out int f2) MyClass(); 25; 15; // Create an object of the class. // Assign to the class field. // Assign to the int param.
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Note The device variable is just a shortcut you may want to create for GraphicsDevice, because you will use it very often. Because you need to relink to GraphicsDevice every time your application recovers focus (for example, after a minimizing operation), you should put the device = graphics.GraphicsDevice; line in the LoadContent method.
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Business Framework Implementation
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Visit for updates to the book and sample solutions, and for errata corrections. Check back here often, because WSE is expected to undergo several revisions between now and the release of Indigo. In addition, the topic of service-oriented architecture continues to evolve rapidly, and every month brings new, interesting developments. And now, once more into the breach, dear friends, once more . . .
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There are two other operators that take a value of one type and return a value of a different, specified type. These are the is operator and the as operator. These are covered at the end of 18.
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Note The code for this example is in the Exercise 6-2 bundle from the code download.
Generate an IDC File (Step 3)
The data source control itself; the UI developer uses this directly Provides the actual implementation of data binding for CslaDataSource Provides a configuration UI form displayed in Visual Studio to configure the control The Visual Studio designer for CslaDataSource Provides schema information and sample data for the designer The schema object for a business object, responsible for returning an instance of ObjectViewSchema Provides actual information about a business object specifically, information about all the business object s bindable properties Maintains information about a specific field in the object schema
The sealed modifier is used to make certain that the class cannot be used as a base class for another class. This also means that a sealed class cannot be an abstract class. Declaring a class as sealed also enables some runtime optimizations. The most notable optimization occurs because it is possible to transform virtual function member invocations on sealed class instances into nonvirtual invocations.
Server-Side Host Objects
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