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Workflow and Web Services
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Setting security for VSTO applications is a black art. Experienced practitioners move in the shadows and rarely mingle with mere mortals. OK, so it s not really that bad. Getting your Code Access Security (CAS) set properly, though, is a fairly detailed process and one that will be different for every environment. There are plenty of white papers that cover the gory details and your organization should already have your guidelines in place (right ). So, with that cop-out firmly set in place, what I ll cover here is setting up CAS for our development environment. What that means is that we basically leave all of the doors wide open. After you have this set up and configured, I ll ask that you kindly tear this page out of your book and burn it. That way, your organization s security team has no way of knowing that I told you to do this. Thanks. To get started, you ll need to fire up a command prompt on your client machine not the SharePoint server, unless it is also your client machine. Remember, CAS is concerned with determining what our code can do, and our code executes within Word on the client machine. Yes, that means that if you were to deploy this into production, you d need to configure CAS on each and every client. There are ways to make that less painful Google Code Access Security Group Policy and you ll be headed down the right road. Now, back in our command prompt (I told you this was a black art). Navigate to the \WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 folder and then type the two commands shown in Listing 9-10, replacing <file_share_path> with the path of your file share and <url_for_doclib> with the correct URL for your customized document library. The asterisk at the end of each URL entry is important it means everything in this location. This avoids having to explicitly name each DLL and document. Listing 9-10. Configuring CAS for Our Development Environment caspol -m -ag LocalIntranet_Zone -url "file://<file_share_path>\*" FullTrust -n "VSTO Assemblies" caspol -m -ag LocalIntranet_Zone -url "<url_for_doclib>/*" FullTrust -n "VSTO Documents" Listing 9-10 contains two separate commands; you ll need to hit Enter and run each one individually. After hitting Enter, you will be prompted to confirm that you really want to change the security policy. Go ahead and confirm that you do and then wait a second or two for the heart-warming confirmation that you ve Added union code group with -url membership condition to the Machine level. Success.
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Dotfuscator Changes
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Full support for data binding in both Windows Forms and Web Forms Saving objects to a database and getting them back again Custom authentication Integrated authorization rules Other miscellaneous features In all of these cases, the .NET Framework provides all the pieces of the puzzle, but they must be put together to match your specialized requirements. What you don t want to do, however, is to have to put them together for every business object or application. The goal is to put them together once, so that all these extra features are automatically available to all the business objects and applications. Moreover, because the goal is to enable the implementation of object-oriented business systems, the core object-oriented concepts must also be preserved: Abstraction Encapsulation Polymorphism Inheritance The result will be a framework consisting of a number of classes. The design of these classes will be discussed in this chapter, and their implementation will be discussed in s 3-5.
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Gets the default calendar used by the culture. decode barcode qr
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1.7. Preparing the Source Data: Using an Excel Table with Monthly Columns
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This book covers the C# language and the major .NET APIs and features. In each chapter you will find an explanation of what a feature is for and what it does, as well as all the information you need to get started using that feature effectively. There are lots of code examples, and each technique is carefully explained. There is only so much content that you can fit into a book, and so, since this is an introduction to C#, I have focused on the features that are most commonly used and are the easiest to use. As C# has evolved, duplicate features have emerged. There are several different APIs available for processing XML
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Take note of the ID tags, because you will use them to construct the client-side controls in JavaScript using Atlas. When the page loads, it calls the following script: function pageLoad() { // Set up the textBox, and set some properties on it g_tbx = new Sys.UI.TextBox($('textBox')); g_tbx.initialize(); g_tbx.set_text("This is a simple text box.");
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