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Figure 14-12. Adding IIS host information
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Camel casing
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USERNAME SID RBS SLOT SEQ LMODE REQUEST --------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------OPS$TKYTE 7 7 13 8215 6 0 ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> select XIDUSN, XIDSLOT, XIDSQN 2 from v$transaction; XIDUSN XIDSLOT XIDSQN ---------- ---------- ---------7 13 8215 The request row disappeared the instant the other session gave up its lock. That request row was the queuing mechanism. The database is able to wake up the blocked sessions the instant the transaction is completed. There are prettier displays with various GUI tools, but in a pinch, having knowledge of the tables you need to look at is very useful. However, before we can say that we have a good understanding of how the row locking in Oracle works, we must look at one last topic: how the locking and transaction information is managed with the data itself. It is part of the block overhead. In 10 Database Tables , we ll get into the details of the block format, but suffice it to say that at the top of a database block is some leading overhead space in which to store a transaction table for that block. This transaction table contains an entry for each real transaction that has locked some data in that block. The size of this structure is controlled by two physical attribute parameters on the CREATE statement for an object: INITRANS: The initial, preallocated size of this structure. This defaults to 2 for indexes and tables. MAXTRANS: The maximum size to which this structure may grow. It defaults to 255 and has a minimum of 2 practically. In Oracle 10g and above, this setting has been deprecated, so it no longer applies. MAXTRANS is 255 regardless in that release and later.
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You will add the send pipeline as a flat file assembler. 1. Right-click the pipelines project name and select Add New Item. 2. Select Send Pipeline and save it as AcmeFlatFileSendPipeline.btp. 3. Drag a Flat File Assembler component from the toolbox out to the Assemble stage, as shown in Figure 9-9.
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Figure 8-9. Data retrieved from the remoted component and bound to a GridView
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Figure 11-15. Click the Reset button to reset the Fill for fillColor2. Now if you look at the ListBoxItem on the workspace, you can see that it no longer has a blue background. If you were to run the application and select this particular ListBoxItem, you would see that nothing happens to the background at all, no matter what you do to it. Thus, we have overridden the default Behavior for this particular ListBoxItem. But now, you have to tell all the other ListBoxItems to make use of the same Style, or they will use default Behavior. In the States panel click the Base State to stop editing the Selected State. And then the Return to scope button (with the arrow icon) at the top of the Objects and Timeline panel to editing the ListBoxItem Style. You are now ready to make the other ListBoxItems use the Style, which doesn t turn the item blue when it is selected. their click stop new
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Safe Combinations Luckily, you can use some transformations without having to think about the order of multiplication. For example, it s safe to combine two translations, because the model will simply be moved twice. Also, when combining two scaling transformations, the order is not important. For example, whether you first scale up two times and then down ten times or first down ten and then up two times yields the same result. Finally, a scaling operation also has no impact on a rotation, or vice versa, because you re scaling down only the coordinate system s axis, but the angles between the axes still remain 90 degrees. So when multiplying a scaling matrix with a matrix holding a rotation, you re free to choose the order of multiplication.
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Figure 3-1. Saving the blank Csla solution
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