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You can purchase your iPod touch protective cover at the following locations: ( The Apple Accessory Store: ( iLounge: ( TiPB The iPod touch + iPad Blog Store ( You can also do a Web search for iPod touch cases or iPod touch protective covers. TIP: You may be able to use a case designed for another type of smartphone for your iPod touch. If you go this route to save some money, just make sure your iPod touch fits securely in the case or cover.
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The business framework will base its collections on BindingList(Of T), thus automatically supporting data binding as well as collection behaviors. The BindingList(Of T) class is an implementation of the IBindingList interface. This interface not only defines basic data binding behaviors, but also exposes methods for sorting the contents of the collection. Unfortunately, BindingList(Of T) doesn t implement this sorting behavior. It would be possible to implement the sorting behaviors directly within the BusinessListBase and ReadOnlyBindingList classes. Unfortunately, it turns out that sorting a collection in place is somewhat complex. The complexity arises because IBindingList also supports the idea of removing the sort thus presumably returning the collection s contents to their original order. That necessitates keeping a list of the original position of all items when a sort is applied. Add to this the question of where to position newly added items, and things can get quite complex. ADO.NET provides one possible solution through its use of DataView objects that are used to provide sorted views of a DataTable. Taking a cue from ADO.NET, SortedBindingList provides a sorted view of any IList(Of T) collection, including all collection objects that inherit from BindingList(Of T). By implementing a sorted view, all the complexity of manipulating the original collection is avoided. The original collection remains intact and unchanged, and SortedBindingList just provides a sorted view of the collection. That said, SortedBindingList will provide an editable view of a collection if the original source collection is editable. In other words, editing a child object in a SortedBindingList directly edits the child object in the source collection. Similarly, adding or removing an item from a SortedBindingList directly adds or removes the item from the original collection.
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OPT_CMPR_PCTSAVE/OPT_CMPR_COUNT columns and estimated a 28 percent savings with COMPRESS 2, and we
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Figure 7-13. Architecture diagram for a secure conversation solution
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The EventLog class in the System.Diagnostics namespace provides access to the Windows event logs. To read the entries in an event log, you create a new EventLog object, passing the name of the log as a string parameter. You can then read the contents of the log through the Entries property, which returns a collection containing all the items in the log, ordered in the sequence they were created in. Listing 36-1 provides a demonstration. Listing 36-1. Reading an Event Log using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Diagnostics; System.Linq;
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