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A string of decimal digits with a decimal point. Can also include a negative sign, if appropriate. Precision specifier: The number of decimal places. Sample: Console.WriteLine("{0 :F4}", 12.3456789); Output: 12.3457
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LINQ queries are not performed when they are defined. Nothing happens until you enumerate the results. If you define a query and don t enumerate the results, the query will never be performed. There are some benefits to this approach and some things to be wary of, as explained in the following sections.
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Note If you do this example yourself and do not see the above output, make sure your terminal client software
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Figure 10-3. Creating the top section of the application
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FieldRVA; RID Type: 31; Token Type: None; MD Streams: #~, #-
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Custom authentication means that you are responsible for getting the user s credentials (often a username and password) and ensuring they are valid. The most common way to check the credentials is by
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Effectively, you re sharing the Business layer between the machine running the Data Access layer and the machine running the Interface Control layer. As long as there is support for mobile objects, this is an ideal solution: it provides code reuse, low maintenance costs, and high performance.
to give you an idea of what is possible. You could write an entire book on C++ interop. For more information, you may want to consult Expert Visual C++/CLI by Marcus Heege (Apress, 2007).
CHAPTER 13: FaceTime Video Messaging and Skype
void __stdcall fManagedLocal(); __declspec(noinline) void __stdcall fNativeLocal() { ++g_l; } class NativeClassWithManagedCode { public: void f() ; virtual void vf(); }; class NativeClassWithNativeCode { public: void f() { ++g_l; }; virtual void vf() { ++g_l; } }; #pragma comment(lib, "TestLib.lib") extern "C" __declspec(dllimport) void __stdcall fNativeFromDLL(); extern "C" __declspec(dllimport) void __stdcall fManagedFromDLL(); class __declspec(dllimport) NativeClassFromDLLWithNativeCode { public: void f(); virtual void vf(); }; class __declspec(dllimport) NativeClassFromDLLWithManagedCode { public: void f(); virtual void vf(); };
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