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namespace PhotoboothApp { public partial class MainPage : UserControl { CaptureSource CapSrc = new CaptureSource(); VideoBrush MyVideoBrush = new VideoBrush(); public MainPage() {
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The IndexSet concrete class represents the default index provider implementation for CSLA .NET. The class maintains a set of indices appropriate for the property types that it is indexing. It provides an implementation of Search() that determines the IComparable status of the property being searched, determines the operation being used (such as equality and less-than operations), and assures that the appropriate operation is called on the index. This class provides an example of most of the expression evaluation techniques I have talked about previously in this chapter. For example, the following method in the IndexSet class determines the value on the right side of the expression passed to Search(): Private Function GetRightValue(ByVal rightSide As Expression) As Object 'rightside is where I get the value... Select Case rightSide.NodeType 'shortcut constants, don't eval these, it will be faster Case ExpressionType.Constant Dim constExp = DirectCast(rightSide, ConstantExpression) Return (constExp.Value) Case Else ' convert back to lambda and eval to get the value. 'Lambdas can be created from expressions... Dim evalRight As LambdaExpression = Expression.Lambda(rightSide, Nothing) 'Compile it, invoke it, and get the resulting value Return (evalRight.Compile().DynamicInvoke(Nothing)) End Select End Function The key to this code is looking at the type of node you re dealing with. All Expression objects implement the NodeType property, which gives you clues about the nature of the Expression you re dealing with. You now care about only two real cases: whether you have a ConstantExpression, allowing you to bypass a more expensive call to Compile() and DynamicInvoke(), or whether you do not have a constant, in which case you ll have to compile the expression, invoke it, and get the value that it will ultimately return. In either case, you get back an object that boxes the value you want to use in the Search() operation.
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Note The actual object names you need to be granted access to will be V_$STATNAME, V_$MYSTAT, and so on that is, the object name to use in the grant will start with V_$ not V$. The V$ name is a synonym that points to the underlying view with a name that starts with V_$. So, V$STATNAME is a synonym that points to V_$STATNAME a view. You need to be granted access to the view.
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Listing 13-17. Configuration of the Custom ComPortToPhysicalPcSerialPort Component < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <Emulator> <Types> <Com>Kuehner.SPOT.Emulator.ComPortToPhysicalPcSerialPort, ComPortEmulatorComponents</Com> </Types> <EmulatorComponents> <Com> <ComPortHandle>Usart2</ComPortHandle> <!--optional--> <RealPortName>COM1</RealPortName> <Baudrate>9600</Baudrate> <ReadTimeout>1000</ReadTimeout> <Handshake>None</Handshake> </Com> </EmulatorComponents> </Emulator>
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The catch clauses section can contain multiple catch clauses. Figure 11-4 shows a summary of the catch clauses section.
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State transferred to/from client
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CHAPTER 2: Yet Another Google Reader
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You have many options for loading photos onto your device. Sync using iTunes: Probably the simplest way is to use iTunes to sync photos from your computer. This is described this in detail in 3: Sync Your IPod touch with iTunes. Receive as email attachments: While this is not useful for large numbers of pictures, it works well for one or a few photos. Check out 14: Email on your iPod touch for more details about how to save attachments. (Once saved, these images show up in the Camera Roll album.) Save images from the Web: Sometimes you ll see a great image on a web site. Press and hold it to see the pop-up menu and then select Save Image. (Like other saved images, these end up in the Camera Roll album.) Download images from within an app: A good example of this is the Wallpaper image shown in 7: Personalize and Secure your iPod touch.
Creating the Domain Service Class
Returns the System.Type object of a given type.
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